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Competition Advocate

Competition Advocate Role

The Competition Advocate (CA) is responsible for promoting competition in the sourcing process to obtain best value for the U.S. Postal Service™ (USPS).

The CA is responsible for the following:

  • Challenging barriers to the competition of Postal Service™ requirements.
  • Assisting purchase/supply chain management teams in the development of effective SCM solutions and obtaining best value.
  • Providing independent advice to contracting officers (COs) regarding proposed noncompetitive purchases of $1M or greater.
  • Producing an annual report on noncompetitive purchasing activity.

More information regarding the competitive sourcing processes and the CA role is available within the Supplying Principles and Practices (SPP) PDF | HTM

Who the Competition Advocate Is

The USPS Competition Advocate is Donna L. Schoenbeck, Director of Supply Chain Management Strategies, Supply Management. Mrs. Schoenbeck was designated as the USPS CA on July 30th, 2012 by Susan M. Brownell, former Vice President, Supply Management.

More Information

General information regarding the USPS Competition Advocate process is available via email at