Current suppliers

Pass Through Pricing

The U.S. Postal Service® has awarded contracts to a number of suppliers to provide parts and equipment commonly used in its operations. These contracts include provisions that allow prime suppliers or Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to directly order parts and equipment at prices leveraged by the Postal Service™.

To promote standardization and reduce costs in the supply chain, the Postal Service encourages its prime suppliers to use Pass Through Pricing (PTP) when those prices and terms are more favorable than what they would pay independently.

PTP Requirements for Prime Suppliers and OEMs

  • Contact the PTP supplier directly to obtain leveraged prices.
  • Provide evidence that you are responding to a Postal Service requirement.
  • Purchase parts and equipment in the name of your company, which will be responsible for inspection, acceptance, and payment to the PTP supplier. These purchases will not be considered Postal Service purchases.

PTP Details

Leveraged pricing from the Postal Service includes:

  • Standard commercial warranties
  • F.O.B. destination terms
  • Special packaging requirements

The PTP suppliers will provide specific terms and conditions along with the pricing information upon request. In the event that a prime supplier or OEM requires a different warranty, payment arrangement, packaging requirement, acceptance, or another form of transportation, the prime supplier or OEM may negotiate such arrangements with the PTP suppliers directly.

Pass Through Pricing Items

Lists of items available through the Pass Through Pricing program by supplier, grouped by UNSPSC classification.

Belting (UNSPSC® Classification 24101715)

  • Forbo Siegling, LLC XLS
  • Habasit America XLS
  • Nitta Corporation of America XLS

Computer Hardware

  • Hewlett Packard Company XLS
  • EMC Enterprise Storage Products XLS

Industrial Parts

  • Boneal, Inc. XLS | CSV
  • B-R-C Bearing Co., Inc. XLS | CSV
  • EGS Production Machining, Inc. XLS | CSV
  • ETI, Inc. XLS | CSV
  • IBT, Inc. XLS | CSV
  • New Directions in Sales, Inc. XLS | CSV
  • Pedco Systems, Inc. XLS | CSV
  • Pyle Machine Co, Inc. XLS | CSV
  • Schell Electronics, Inc. XLS | CSV
  • Siemens Industry, Inc. XLS | CSV