Supplier diversity program

Management and communication

Management involvement

To ensure continued focus, officers and executives representing broad functional areas are responsible for ensuring a strong, competitive supply base.

The Supply Management vice president and senior managers meet quarterly to review supply chain strategies to ensure the Postal Service™ is taking full advantage of the capabilities, competitive pricing, new processes and products, and innovations offered by SMWOBs.

The Supplier Diversity team in Supply Management carries out regular assessments of supplier diversity business process applications and provides related updates and briefings on leading practices. The team also serves as liaison to the SMWOB community.

Communication & outreach

The Postal Service™ works closely with trade and industry associations, government agencies, and business development and purchasing organizations to exchange information on best practices for identifying supply sources. This enables supply professionals, purchase card users, and other Postal Service personnel to effectively identify potential suppliers to meet Postal Service needs.

When appropriate, the Postal Service…

  • Conducts supplier forums to share information on Postal Service corporate business objectives.
  • Conducts and participates in surveys and benchmarking studies for continuous improvement of Supplier Diversity processes.
  • Maintains Intranet and Internet sites with Supplier Diversity policy, procedures, points of contact, and other resource information for sourcing teams, buyers, clients, and suppliers.
  • Attends and participate in business opportunities and trade fairs promoting SMWOBs.
  • Fosters the development of mutually beneficial business relationships between internal business partners and the supplier community.
  • Publicizes purchasing and business opportunities in print or electronic media when doing so will ensure that the Postal Service will obtain the best value.
  • Provides internal and external stakeholders with regular updates on the continued contributions of Supplier Diversity processes.
  • Makes a formal registration process available for potential suppliers.