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A Sustainable Supply Chain

For over a decade the Postal Service has been a leader in pollution prevention and waste avoidance through the use of non-hazardous and environmentally preferable chemicals and products in its daily operations. As part of our continuous improvement process, programs are constantly being developed and upgraded to further improve our pollution prevention and sustainability programs, while considering price, performance, and overall value to USPS and its stakeholders.

Building a Sustainable Supply Chain is a central component of the Postal Service’s corporate-wide sustainability program. In December 2008 the Postal Service issued our national Green Purchasing Plan. The plan provides environmentally preferable criteria for consideration when making purchasing decisions. We look to purchase products that are made from recycled content materials, carry an independent Eco-label Certification, are made from renewable resources, are energy and water efficient, support alternative fuel use, and are free of targeted hazardous chemicals and help to ensure a safe workplace.

Multiple attributes make a product environmentally preferable: we look at a number of attributes, like cost and performance, when making procurement decisions. We are currently in the process of developing contracting clauses and other measurements that will ensure compliance with our Green polices.

We are committed to partnering with our suppliers to encourage and reward sustainable business practices. To that end, in May 2009 the USPS initiated a Suppliers’ Sustainability Excellence Recognition category as part of the Postal Service’s Supplier Performance Award (SPA) program. To learn more about our Supplier Performance award program, visit In June 2009 the White House honored the U.S. Postal Service for environmental stewardship with a 2009 Closing the Circle Award for its national Green Purchasing Program.

To learn more about the Postal Service's Sustainability program, log onto: If you have questions about our Green Purchasing Plan, please contact us at:

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