How to become a USPS supplier

Approved Postal Provider® programs

Convenient shipping and mailing services where you live, work, and shop.

The U.S. Postal Service® provides a multitude of mailing and shipping options for consumers. Through a series of Approved Postal Provider® agreements, customers can purchase stamps, mail a letter, or ship a package without ever visiting a traditional Post Office™. Retailers can attract additional customers by offering postal products and services. Together, we provide convenient mail services where customers live, work, and shop.

The Approved Postal Provider® Programs extend the reach of shipping and mailing services so customers can mail letters or ship packages from alternate locations near where they live, work, and shop.

Approved Shipper

Bring package mailing services closer to customers with the Approved Shipper program. Agreements are made with existing independent shipping and mailing companies. In most cases, postal shipping services are offered along with competitor products, so customers can choose the best shipping option for their needs.

Retailers that participate are provided USPS® branding rights and signage. There is no compensation between the retailer and the Postal Service™, however, there are no restrictions on additional fees that can be charged for mailings. Participation in the Approved Shipper program provides customers choices and price options for their shipping needs. Consider joining us today.

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Contract Postal Unit (CPU)

These units provide full service retail products and services to postal customers at U.S. Postal Service® prices. They are housed within a partner facility and are operated and managed by partner employees.

Retailers that participate in the Contract Postal Unit program are provided USPS branding rights and signage. A build-out that meets postal regulations is required. Partners are limited to selling only USPS products and services. Contract Postal Unit partners are compensated based on performance. Operating a Contract Postal Unit increases foot traffic and provides additional customer convenience. Consider becoming a USPS Contract Postal Unit partner today.

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Stamps to Go®

The Stamps to Go program allows customers to purchase stamps at locations other than the Post Office™. There are over 62,000 retail locations that bring stamps closer to our customers’ fingertips. Grocery stores, convenience stores, and ATMs are just a few of the many places where customers can purchase stamps—with no additional surcharges. By participating in the Stamps to Go program, you provide additional convenience to your customers: one-stop shopping! There is no compensation for Stamps to Go partners and stamps must be sold at or under postal prices.

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