U.S. Postal Service Showcases Innovative Physical and Digital Platforms at 2018 National Postal Forum

Nearly 10 Million Users Are Now Enrolled in Informed Delivery Platform – Bridging the Digital and Physical Mail Experiences

May 07, 2018 

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SAN ANTONIO — In her keynote address opening the 50th Anniversary of National Postal Forum (NPF), Postmaster General and CEO Megan Brennan highlighted the Postal Service’s focus on meeting customer’s needs today, while anticipating their needs of tomorrow by continuing to invest in the future to create opportunities for growth and profitability for the entire industry.

Brennan announced to thousands of customers at the Forum that nearly 10 million users are now enrolled in Informed Delivery, the Postal Service’s innovative daily mobile offering which allows users to see their incoming mail to be received later that day.

“Informed Delivery broadens the definition of the mail moment by bridging the digital and physical – it allows consumers to connect to their physical mail anytime, anywhere,” said Brennan. “Informed Delivery is becoming part of the daily digital life of the American consumer. It builds anticipation of the physical mail piece, and allows marketers to increase their digital engagement with the consumer from a single mail piece.”

Informed Delivery has experienced rapid growth over the past year and is adding 135,000 new users per week. By equipping mail with digital capabilities, the Postal Service is giving mail new functionality, while improving the predictability and accessibility of mail for consumers. “This digital integration is changing the relationship the American consumer has with their mail,” said Brennan.

In addition to Informed Delivery, the Postal Service has been investing heavily in Informed Visibility, the data and analytics platform that allows businesses to leverage robust operational data.  “With Informed Visibility, businesses are more effectively integrating marketing data, measuring ROI of their mailings, and building more responsive, omni-channel campaigns,” said Brennan. “Companies are combining data from Informed Visibility with their customer analytics in order to deliver those seamless, intuitive experiences consumers expect.”

Brennan spoke to the rising consumer expectations and new paradigms for the mailing and shipping industry.  The Postmaster General focused on the rising prominence of customer experience as a differentiator for American businesses, and the central role the mail and shipping industry play in delivering that experience. 

Using Informed Delivery and Informed Visibility as leading examples, Brennan illustrated the important ways that the Postal Service is evolving with the modern experience economy, and outlined strategies to meet the needs of consumers who expect their shipping and mailing experience to be seamless from start to finish.  Brennan also articulated platform strategies to drive industry growth and profitability, and for gaining a larger share of total marketing spend.  

“The Postal Service is uniquely positioned to reach every household through our integrated digital and physical network,” said Brennan. “Our industry delivers a differentiated experience when it leverages this trusted channel. Together, we are an integrated value chain with a shared purpose to exceed the expectations of today’s consumers.”

Through the integration of physical and digital, as well as the strategic investments in data and operations, the Postmaster General outlined the tremendous opportunities available to the Postal Service and its partners.  “Our industry will continue to drive innovation and value for America’s businesses as we extract the full potential of the data and information technology that now accompanies the mail and shipping investment.”

The National Postal Forum – taking place May 6-9, 2018 in San Antonio, Texas – is an annual national gathering of more 4,000 professionals from the mailing and shipping industry. The four-day event serves as an ideal opportunity for industry professionals to gather, learn and collaborate in service of their business. 

The Postal Service receives no tax dollars for operating expenses and relies on the sale of postage, products and services to fund its operations.

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