Safeguard your holiday packages

Ensure your holiday shipments remain secure

November 02, 2015 @USPS

Grand Rapids — Postal Service consumers can take steps to safeguard their shipments, however, if they are concerned about security.  The Postal Service does offer tips and services to help customers keep their mail and packages safe:

Reduce the risk: Don’t leave your mail or parcels unattended. You wouldn’t leave your wallet or purse on the front seat of your unlocked car in the driveway at night. Neither should you leave your mail or parcels unprotected for any length of time. If you’re going away for a few days, and don’t want to risk leaving your package unattended, take advantage of the Postal Service’s Request Hold Mail service. Your letters and packages will be held securely at your local Post Office™ until you're back in town to receive it again.

Be a buddy—help a neighbor in need. If you have a stay-at-home neighbor, enlist their help. Ask to schedule your package deliveries to their address, increasing the likelihood someone will be home to receive your package.

Take control of your package’s destiny. The Postal Service provides real-time tracking for a wide-range of products and services to help you customize your package delivery.

  • Monitor your package’s status from beginning to final delivery on Registered users can also receive status updates via text alerts delivered to their mobile devices.
  • Personalize delivery providing specific instructions authorizing your carrier to leave your package in a specified location. Visit, track your package, and select Delivery Instructions. You can also request your package be left with a neighbor or held at a Post Office for pickup.
  • Redirect your domestic package prior to delivery, using USPS Package Intercept®, available on most letters, flats and packages that contain a tracking or extra services barcode. You can have it held at a Post Office™ as a Hold for Pickup or sent to a different domestic address. You can even request to have it redirected as Priority Mail® back to the sender’s address.
  • Schedule your delivery date, by using Priority Mail Express. It’s the Postal Service’s fastest domestic service (with limited exceptions), available 365 days a year. And it guarantees a delivery date to better manage receipt. Priority Mail Express offers a money-back guarantee and overnight scheduled delivery to most U.S. addresses—including PO Boxes™. You’ll also get proof of delivery signature record, tracking services, and $100 insurance (most shipments).  
  • Upgrade your package’s security to protect it every step of the way. Choose Registered Mail service—the Postal Service’s most secure form of mail delivery. Registered Mail receives special-handling from tender to delivery, documenting the chain of custody of your important item. Electronic verification of delivery or attempted delivery is available upon request. Insurance may also be available to protect against loss or damage.

Enhance security for all your mail, not just your parcels. If you’re concerned about security in your neighborhood, consider renting a Post Office Box at a Post Office nearby your home or place of business. Choose the location that’s convenient for you. Your mail remains secure within the Post Office, accessible only when using the right key or combination.                  
Many Post Offices lobbies are open 24/7, allowing you to retrieve your mail on your schedule.

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Please also remember, report suspicious activity immediately. If you notice an unfamiliar vehicle following behind the USPS truck or unknown persons hovering around mailboxes, report the activity to your local police department and local Post Office immediately. The package you save may be your own!

The Postal Service receives no tax dollars for operating expenses and relies on the sale of postage, products and services to fund its operations.

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