Postal Purchasing Protest Decisions

2001 Digest

Solicitation No. 800-141-01
Robert Otte, P.S. Protest No. 01-09, November 28, 2001 HTM | PDF

Protest of contract award is denied; evaluations were reasonable and in accordance with the listed criteria, and allegation that a personal relationship may have influenced the contract’s award was unsupported.

Solicitation No. 483083-01-A-0074
High Country Chemical Supplies, Inc., P.S. Protest No. 01-12, June 06, 2002 HTM | PDF

Protest of award of contracts for supply of custodial products is denied. Protester’s offer was properly evaluated; discussions concerning the offer were not required, and various actions taken in the course of evaluation and award did not prejudice the offeror.

Solicitation No. 475630-01-A-0201
Skyline Container Corporation, P.S. Protest No. 01-13, December 07, 2001 HTM | PDF

Protest of award of contract for corrugated boxes is denied. Award was properly made on the basis of price when competing offers were evaluated as equal; protester’s contentions did not require raising its score or reducing awardee’s score; awardee’s failure to propose on FOB destination basis did not preclude consideration of its FOB origin offer; other grounds of protest also lacked merit.

Solicitation No. 102595-02-Q-0497
American Backnote Company, P.S. Protest No. 01-17, April 21, 2003 HTM | PDF

Protest of decision to award noncompetitively two year “bridge” contract for money order forms is denied. Award is justified by need to acquire interim quantity of money orders while form is redesigned; awarding longer term contract competitively would not be economically advisable.

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