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2002 Comprehensive Statement on Postal Operations

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2002 Comprehensive Statement on Postal Operations

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Compliance with Statutory Policies
    A.  Fundamental Service to the People
    B.  Service to Small or Rural Communities
    C.  Employee Compensation and
         Career Advancement
    D.  Postal Cost Apportionment and
         Postal Ratemaking Developments
    E.  Transportation Policies
    F.  Postal Service Facilities, Equipment, and
         Employee Working Conditions

Chapter 2: Postal Operations
    A.  Public Perceptions, Customer Outreach and
         Mailer Liaison
    B.  Product Development
    C.  International Mail
    D.  Mail Volume and Service Performance
    E.  Mail Distribution
    F.  Delivery Unit Operations
    G.  Stamp Services
    H.  Licensing Program
    I.  Commercial Sales
    J.  Retail Programs:  Building the Core
    K.  Pricing and Classification
    L.  Marketing Technology and
         Channel Management
    M.  The Internet:  Transforming the Way
         We Connect with Our Customers
    N.  Technology
    O.  Operations Planning
    P.  Financial Management

Chapter 3: Financial Highlights
    A.  Financial Summary
    B.  Productivity
    C.  Federal Government Appropriations
    D.  Emergency Preparedness Funding
    E.  Breast Cancer Research and
         Heroes of 2001 Semipostal Stamps

Chapter 4: Preliminary 2004 Annual Performance Plan
    A.  GPRA Requirements
    B.  Explain Changes in Goals, Objectives, Indicators,
          Measurement Systems, and Targets

Chapter 5: 2002 Performance Report
    A.  Introduction
    B.  Year in Review
    C.  The Planning Process
    D.  The Three-Voice Structure and
          Performance Goals
    E.  Voice of the Customer Performance Goals:
    F.  Voice of the Employee Performance Goals:
          A Motivated, Productive and
          Inclusive Workforce
    G.  Voice of the Business Performance Goals:
          Financial Performance
    H.  Evaluation of 2002 Performance and
          Changes to Goals and Subgoals in
          the 2003 Plan


   All references to "2002" or "the year" refer to the
   government fiscal year ending September 30, 2002.