chapter 2
postal operations
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branches throughout the country began offering products from the 50 State Quarters Greetings from America program, which is expected to generate a net profit of $50 million for the Postal Service.

I. Service and Market Development

1. Commercial Sales

     The Postal Service's objectives in Commercial Sales are improved retention and growth, effective and efficient customer messages across all selling points, and improved levels of customer satisfaction resulting in an expanded customer base. The Postal Service's Commercial Sales priorities include:

  • Building profitable, long-term customer relationships.
  • Reaching key decision makers with solutions that meet business objectives using the mail.
  • Creating revenue streams by stimulating product usage from new customers.
  • Understanding the root causes of leakage and taking appropriate corrective action.
  • Improving sales channel effectiveness.
  • Improving customer satisfaction.
table 2-4 revenue: postal service national and premier accounts

     National Accounts* $16.2 billion
     Premier Accounts** $20.0 billion
  * The approximately 250 largest mailers.
** The approximately 14,000 next largest mailers.
2. Business Service Network

     The Business Service Network (BSN) is changing the way the Postal Service serves its largest business customers, representing more than $36 billion in commercial revenue during 2003. Through the BSN, the Postal Service launched a new Customer Relationship Management technology tool that provides a consistent, in-depth, single view of business customers allowing the Postal Service to be more responsive to their needs. This new application, Integrated Business Service Network, connects BSN users with Sales and Customer Support team members from both Marketing and Operations, allowing customer service requests to be resolved quickly and effectively. In conjunction with this effort, the Postal Service launched an internal and external communication strategy to drive customer service transactions to technology increasing productivity and responsiveness.

     A Customer Valuation Model was developed to segment customers based on actual and strategic value. As a result, 68 national accounts valued at more than $4 billion were transitioned to service accounts to focus on revenue retention strategies, freeing up sales resources to grow revenue. The BSN worked with the largest business customers to develop and implement a Customer Relationship Understanding and Service and Operational Efficiency Evaluation to clearly define revenue retention and efficiencies strategies between the customer and the Postal Service with action items and measurable results.

     The Postal Service also developed and implemented the Account Management and BSN processes. The First Edition of the AM & BSN Processes Field Manual is available on Customer Connection. These processes are essential to revenue growth, retention, and productivity, and for improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Chapter 1 Compliance with Statutory Policies Introduction

Chapter 2 Postal Operations
  1. Public Perceptions, Customer Outreach, and Mailer Liaison
  2. Products and Services
  3. International Mail
  4. Mail Volume and Service Performance
  5. Mail Distribution
  6. Delivery Unit Operations
  7. Stamp Services
  8. Licensing Program
  9. Service and Market Development
  10. Retail Programs
  11. Pricing and Classification
  12. Technology
  13. Intelligent Mail
  14. Financial Management
Chapter 3 Financial Highlights

Chapter 4 2003 Performance Report and Preliminary 2005 Annual Performance Plan