chapter 2
postal operations
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     Additionally, the Postal Service conducted more than 50 direct mail seminars that provided more than 2,800 small businesses with the information and tools necessary to begin using the mail to advertise their products and services. These seminars are provided in conjunction with district offices and members of the mailing community.

C. International Mail

     In 2003, international mail showed growth in revenue compared to 2002. This was due in part to recovery from the events of September 11, 2001, and worldwide economic improvement which impacted international mail revenues. Increasing competition for international mail and package delivery services continues from both private carriers and foreign postal administrations.

1. Volume and Revenue

     International mail revenues increased by 0.52 percent during 2003. Associated volume increased by 2.1 percent and weight by 9.2 percent, primarily due to large amounts of Standard Mail items that come across the Canadian border for entry into the domestic mailstream. This mail, classified as international other, is low rate mail that did not offset revenue losses in other international product categories. No rate adjustments were implemented in 2003. Emphasis was placed on developing the global package sector. International Express Mail service increased 9.7 percent in revenue for the year.

2. Management and Cost Reductions

     International Call Center operations were consolidated under Corporate Customer Contact in March 2002. Since that time, cost efficiencies have been realized by leveraging corporate infrastructure assets and the awarding of the Contact Center Network

Solution contract. Further cost reductions are anticipated through the integration of technological best practices in the handling of both domestic and international calls, the elimination of operational redundancies, and an even more customer focused management posture.

3. Improving Global Express Mail and Global Air Parcel Post Services

     The Postal Service continues a multiyear process of improving the reliability and features of its expedited and package service offerings. Global Express Guaranteed service, established in 2000, now provides a guaranteed, day-certain package delivery option for customers. To complement this service, and to clarify related options for customers, the Postal Service has taken steps to transform its existing Global Express Mail and Global Air Parcel Post services into a consistent and reliable menu of companion options that are predicated on days-to-delivery and geographic service area. Revenues from international package services grew close to 8 percent in 2003.

     The Postal Service and a select group of Asian posts have participated in a yearlong effort to improve service performance for International Express Mail service. Using the pay-for-performance incentive process, service levels in the United States improved significantly.

     The new delivery approach for Express Mail service to continental Europe was expanded to eighteen countries. The service provider is Global Logistics Systems, a subsidiary of Royal Mail, which replaces numerous separate bilateral arrangements with European posts, and offers the advantage of establishing consistency and realistic expectations for expedited and deferred services. Global Air Parcel Post service is provided to 22 countries under this agreement.

Chapter 1 Compliance with Statutory Policies Introduction

Chapter 2 Postal Operations
  1. Public Perceptions, Customer Outreach, and Mailer Liaison
  2. Products and Services
  3. International Mail
  4. Mail Volume and Service Performance
  5. Mail Distribution
  6. Delivery Unit Operations
  7. Stamp Services
  8. Licensing Program
  9. Service and Market Development
  10. Retail Programs
  11. Pricing and Classification
  12. Technology
  13. Intelligent Mail
  14. Financial Management
Chapter 3 Financial Highlights

Chapter 4 2003 Performance Report and Preliminary 2005 Annual Performance Plan
2 The increase of 0.5 percent does not include foreign postal transactions and international mail fees. These figures are through accounting period 12 and subject to change by the end of the year.