Recognition of supplier diversity efforts of both Postal Service™ personnel and suppliers will further promote the defined supplier diversity objectives.

The Postal Service will celebrate successes by…

  • Publishing supplier successes stories on a periodic basis.
  • Recognizing and publicizing outstanding supply chain management performance and leading practice successes by both clients and suppliers.
  • Recognizing extraordinary individual performance.
  • Recognizing annually substantive team or category performance using current Postal Service recognition processes.

Supplier diversity is an important business imperative. The Supplier Diversity Corporate Plan positions the Postal Service to establish and maintain a strong competitive supply base.

Supplier Relations Principle

“Suppliers are essential and valued business partners of the Postal Service, and the Postal Service is committed to treating its suppliers in an objective, fair, and business-like manner. Relations between the Postal Service and its suppliers will be strong, mutually beneficial, and based upon sound business practices, respect, and trust with both parties working toward a common goal.” (USPS® Supplying Principles and Practices, Revision January 28, 2011).

The Postal Service will manage supplier relationships based on the potential impact the supplier’s performance will have on the Postal Service’s operational and financial position.

Note: For additional information on the U.S. Postal Service® buying process see "Doing Business With Us" at®.

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