Supplier Diversity Statement

Supplier Diversity
Corporate Plan

The Postal Service™ is the world’s most efficient post. Its universal service obligation ensures that every citizen can send and receive mail at affordable prices. This entails maintaining a delivery network that reaches all addressees and providing customers with ready access to postal services, a range of products, uniform prices, and mail. To do this, we must maintain an optimal supply chain that consists of engaging suppliers who offer value-added solutions to keep our business on the path to long-term sustainability.

The Postal Service is committed to providing contracting opportunities to small, minority-owned and women-owned businesses. We strive to incorporate ‘agility’, which includes flexibility, balance, and adaptability, throughout our supply chain. Historically, these suppliers have demonstrated business agility by maintaining and adapting goods and services to meet customer demands, while adjusting to changes in the business environment.

Within the Postal Service, all employees who generate a requirement, approve a purchase, commit postal funds, identify or select suppliers, or manage a supplier relationship are responsible for establishing and maintaining a strong, competitive supply base.

The Supplier Diversity Corporate Plan is developed to ensure a continued focus on improving supplier relationships with small, minority-owned and women-owned businesses. The plan is a comprehensive overview of activities designed to position the Postal Service to reinforce its foundation for a sustainable future.

Mark A. Guilfoil
Vice President
Supply Management