USPS eSourcing

Supplier Registration

May 2011

Welcome to the U.S. Postal Service eSourcing application. The first step in gaining access to this application is registering your company. This guide will provide a walkthrough of the steps necessary to complete the registration process. Please read through this guide completely prior to starting the registration process.

eSourcing Login Page

The USPS eSourcing URL ( will move you to the main USPS eSourcing Solution Sign-In page above. Click on the Register Supplier Organization link, as denoted by the red circle.

eSourcing Register Organization Page

  1. We recommend you click on the printer icon in the top right corner of the screen to print the registration form; then manually complete the fields prior to entering the data on the screen. This will enable you to gather any information you may need that is not readily available to you, since the application times-out after 30 minutes with no activity.
  2. Please use upper and lower case letters when completing your registration, i.e., U.S. Postal Service, Emptoris, etc.
  3. All fields with a red asterisk are required entry fields. You must complete these fields in order to save your registration data.
  4. The Primary NAICS field requires a minimum 5-digit entry, although a 6-digit code is permissible. Additional NAICS code fields are optional. If you are unsure of your organization’s code, please visit for a free search for your primary NAICS code.

sSourcing Choose Your UNSPSC page

You must select at least one UNSPSC code. To select your UNSPSC code, highlight the applicable code and click on the down arrow to move it into the selected items box. You may select all UNSPSC codes that apply.

Also, please identify if you are a surface transportation supplier by answering Yes or No. If you are a surface transportation supplier, please indicate the service type and vehicle type. Identifying the service type and vehicle type accurately will ensure you are eligible to be invited to the appropriate solicitations. If you are not a surface transportation supplier, please select No and skip the transportation-related section of this form.

eSourcing Application Manager Page

The last section of the registration process is to create the Application Manager user role. The Application Manager is the person within your organization who will be responsible for managing your supplier account. They will have overall account administration responsibilities, which include entering and maintaining supplier data as well as authorizing additional users within your organization.

Once your entry is successfully saved, it will appear in USPS eSourcing as a New Unapproved registration. The USPS administrator will review your registration entry to ensure it is complete and that it is not a duplication of a previous entry. Normal turn-around time for registration approval is one business day. Your log-in name will be the same as you designated in the form above; however, you will be notified via system-generated e-mail of your temporary eSourcing password, which you will be required to change upon your first log-in to the application. Your new password must be eight (8) characters and contain at least one (1) alpha character and one (1) numeric character. You will also be required to select a password reset question from a drop-down list and enter an answer to the selected question. NOTE: Login ID and password are case sensitive.

The following pages detail the process to update your profile and add new users.

eSourcing View eRFx Page

After you log-in to the USPS eSourcing application, you will be resident on the View RFx(s) page. Click on the My Profile tab (next to USPS logo and denoted by the red circle) and select the Manage My Profile link.

eSourcing Manage my Profile Page

The Manage My Profile page will allow you to edit your profile. You can also add other users from your company by selecting the Users link in the left-hand gray-colored column.

eSourcing Additional Users Page

To add other users to your organization’s account, select the Create button on the top right-hand corner on the Users screen.

eSourcing Create User Page

Select the appropriate role for the new user. The Supplier Application Manager is the role which manages your organization’s account information and profile, as well as creates new users and their roles. As a Supplier Application Manager, you may also designate other individuals within your organization to be a Supplier Application Manager. Please note, this application requires the Supplier Application Manager to designate the new user’s password; however, the user will receive a system-generated password once the Save button is selected.

Those individuals within your company who will only respond to RFx events to which they have been invited should be designated as a Supplier Agent.

After selecting the new user’s role, complete the rest of the form and press the Save button. The application will return you to the Manage My Profile page, so that you may create another user if desired.

For assistance, contact Emptoris Support at 1 (888) 791-3069, or via e-mail at