4-1 The Six Steps

Step 1. Learn About 508.

To learn about Section 508 requirements, see the following sources:

The Goal

Make text and data as accessible to people with disabilities as it is to people without them.

Step 2. Determine whether EIT is part of the business solution.

Step 3. Identify the applicable EIT standards and then conduct market research to determine if there are EIT solutions that meet business needs and address the standards.

Step 4. Include “Section 508" clauses in the Statement of Work (SOW)

Once market research is complete, work with Supply Management to do the following:

Step 5. Evaluate and test products based on “Section 508" standards

Evaluation and selection activities are key components in positioning the Postal Service to meet its Section 508 compliance commitments. In evaluating and testing products, follow these guidelines:

Proof of Compliance

If your product provides at least one mode of operation and retrieval that does not need user vision, hearing, or fine motor skill or provides support using assistive technology, it is compliant.

Step 6. Plan Delivery

Before delivery of a solution, an acceptance test is a standard procedure to verify that the supplier has met its contractual obligations. The Postal Service can conduct and may require the contractor to perform Section 508 testing with multiple techniques. See the resources in the technical reference guidelines for recommended approaches. Before accepting a purchase, do the following:

The Measure of Success

Success is measured by compliance at the text or data “interface,” (i.e., where the person with a disability can access information).