5-7 Information, Documentation, and Support Accessibility

This standard covers all information about EIT products and their support services, regardless of technology type. Persons with disabilities need this information to support their effective use of the EIT products covered by Section 508. It includes any documentation provided by the Postal Service or its EIT suppliers to its technology users must be available upon request in appropriate alternate formats. The Postal Service functional units are required to supply end users with information about accessibility or compatibility features that are built into a product, upon request. This information is vital in knowing how to use certain products such as self–contained, closed products. It is also essential for the installation of assistive technology in IT devices that are open to software which provides functions such as speech output, speech recognition, screen enlargement, or keyboard alternatives.

Help desks and other technology support services serving the Postal Service's employees and customers must be able to accommodate the communications needs of persons with disabilities. For example, a Postal Service help desk may need to communicate through a TTY. The help desk or support service must also be familiar with such features as keyboard–only access and other options important to people with disabilities. Electronic methods of interaction - e.g., Web forms, IVR systems, and online help systems - must also work properly for the employees and customers of the Postal Service.