9-1.2 Mail–Back Service

Mail–back service for pictorial postmarks permits customers to submit envelopes and cards through the mail to a designated Post Office for postmarking with a specific pictorial postmark.

To qualify for this service, mail–in requests must be postmarked no later than 30 days following the requested postmark date (see also 9-3). Envelopes and cards that are to receive pictorial postmarks must bear unused postage stamps at the applicable First–Class Mail rate and must have complete addresses.

Customers should supply self–addressed stamped envelopes to protect the items receiving the pictorial postmark from being marred during their return through the mailstream. If customers do not provide self–addressed stamped envelopes, the postmaster may choose to furnish a Priority Mail envelope or box using a G–10 label protective cover when returning the items through the mailstream.