9-2.4 Service Limitations

The sponsor or organizer may obtain for its members any reasonable amount of hand–backs free of any service charge. Also, special folders or programs prepared by the sponsor may be canceled and made available upon the opening of the event. However, under no circumstances may any postmarked material be released before the date of the postmark.

For any single individual or group other than the sponsor or organizer, hand–stamping as a free service is limited to 50 covers. There is a service charge of $0.05 for each postmark above 50, to a maximum of 1,000 postmarks. Post Offices receiving requests for more than 1,000 postmarks and needing cancellation assistance can contact Stamp Fulfillment Services for guidance.

Telephone: 816–545–1250

e-mail: stampfulfillment.services@usps.gov