6-2.2 Upgrading Non-Priority Rate Service Mail

The Postal Service may tender mail defined as non-priority rate service mail as priority rate service mail. To upgrade the mail, the administrative official must first seek and receive authorization from WADN, Denver. When the Postal Service authorizes the upgrade, the mail is accorded the boarding priority specified in 6-, and the Postal Service compensates the air carrier at the priority rate service mail rate.

6-2.2.1 Upper/Lower Deck Boarding Priority

6- General

For all cargo- and combi-configured air carriers, the Postal Service has the right to preempt the lower deck but may use any of the upper deck positions that the air carrier offers for use to the Postal Service. If an air carrier offers upper deck space equal to all or any portion of the lower deck space, then the Postal Service gives capacity credit to the air carrier before claiming the lower deck space.

Exception: The exception to this policy is intra-Alaska volumes. An intra-Alaska air carrier is not credited for non-priority rate service mail or bypass mail boarded on the upper deck until all priority rate service mail tendered for a specific flight has been boarded.

6- Priority Rate Service Mail

An air carrier providing service at any transportation rate in Alaska must board priority rate service mail ahead of bypass mail or freight. All priority rate service mail assigned to a specified flight must be transported on the flight assigned. An air carrier that offers single-deck capacity and that is authorized to transport mail within Alaska must board priority rate service mail over freight. These procedures must be followed without exception.