8-4.7 Delivery to Addressee

8-4.7.1 Transfer Air Carrier

The delivering air carrier takes the pallet, or reassembles the contents from the broken pallet, and delivers it to the downstream air carrier. The receiving air carrier verifies the weight and whether the pallet was received timely.

8-4.7.2 Final Destination

The air carrier at the shipment’s final destination is responsible for delivering the shipment to the addressee. The air carrier or its agent must make arrangements to pick up the bypass mail shipment at the airport or runway and transport it to the addressee. The air carrier must protect the shipment at all times from the elements and the threat of theft or damage. The air carrier cannot require an addressee to pick up the shipment, but the addressee is responsible for providing a physical location where the air carrier can deliver the shipment. An addressee can authorize the air carrier to deliver a shipment to a designated agent’s address.

The air carrier must deliver mail transported to a bush destination to the addressee on the day of transport. If, once transported, the air carrier cannot affect delivery for any reason, the air carrier must return the mail to the hub point and store it in an approved secured facility for delivery the next business day.

8-4.7.3 Delivery Requirements

The air carrier or its agent is responsible for delivering bypass mail shipments to the addressees during business hours, normally 8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. An air carrier cannot store bypass mail in its hub point destination facilities unless the mail arrives at times other than those specified above or during periods of extreme inclement weather. If a bypass mail shipment arrives at a hub point on an evening flight after normal business hours, the air carrier must deliver that mail between 8:00 a.m. and noon the next business day.

8-4.7.4 Delivery Attempts

If an air carrier or its agent attempts to deliver the bypass mail shipment during normal business hours but the addressee’s place of business is closed or the delivery attempt is refused because the addressee is unavailability, the addressee is responsible for picking up the shipment at the air carrier’s facility before the end of that business day. The Post Office does not hold bypass mail shipments for pickup.

If an addressee refuses any portion of a bypass mail shipment, the air carrier must contact the local Post Office for further instructions.

The Postal Service may refuse to accept bypass mail shipments for an addressee who fails to adhere to these guidelines.