74 Additional Grounds for Denial of Access to the Mail and Postal Service Facilities

The Postal Inspection Service may deny or revoke an individual’s nonsensitive clearance based on information gathered during either the initial investigation or during an investigation to update a clearance. Denial or revocation may be based on an appraisal of circumstances surrounding serious incidents involving the individual, related to the following situations, regardless of when the incident occurred:

  1. Refusal to furnish information pursuant to applicable laws, rules, and regulations that would aid in determining qualifications for a security clearance.
  2. Dismissal from prior employment for cause.
  3. Intentional false statements, deception, or fraud in an application for clearance or in a submission of information furnished incidental to a contract with the Postal Service.
  4. Habitual use of intoxicating beverages or drinking to excess.
  5. Use of narcotics or dangerous drugs.
  6. Any other circumstance that makes the individual unfit to do business with the Postal Service.