2-14.7 Patent Rights

With respect to subject inventions (any invention or discovery, whether or not patentable, conceived or first actually reduced to practice in the course of or under a contract), the supplier, in accordance with Clause 8-1: Patent Rights, must furnish the contracting officer certain items. Other patent issues (including payment) are also addressed in Clause 8-1.

In accordance with Clause 8-2: Authorization and Consent, the liability of the Postal Service for patent infringement or for the unauthorized use of any patent will be determined by the provisions of any patent indemnity clause included in the contract or in any subcontract under the contract (at any tier) and by any indemnification or warranty (express or implied) otherwise provided by the supplier or subcontractor for similar products or services when supplied to commercial buyers. Clause 8-2: Authorization and Consent also deals with R&D work, supplies and construction, and subcontracts expected to exceed $50,000.

Patent infringements are addressed in Clause 8-3: Notice and Assistance Regarding Patent and Copyright Infringement. Other patent rights are stated in Clause 8-15: Patent Rights — Supplier Retention.