2-26.8 Other Evaluation Factors

2-26.8.1 General

In addition to past performance and supplier capability, other evaluation factors may include:

2-26.8.2 Use

Unless simplified purchasing is used (see Section 2-43, Simplified Purchasing) RFPs must include a description of the evaluation factors, the relative importance of the evaluation factors to each other, not the specific weights, how they will be evaluated, and the relative importance of price to the factors (see Section 2-26.3.1, Relationship of Cost or Price Factors to Other Evaluation Factors). Suppliers must also be made aware that best value to the Postal Service will be the basis for selection. Evaluation factors can play two roles: (1) They help clarify the Postal Service’s objectives for a particular purchase; and (2) they help suppliers develop their proposals. The proper weighting of the evaluation factors is essential to effective evaluation; evaluation factors should represent the elements that are critical to the purchase’s success. Using too many evaluation factors should be avoided, because it can unintentionally level evaluation scores (as when high scores for less significant evaluation factors offset low scores for more important evaluation factors).

2-26.8.3 Scoring Systems

Many forms of scoring systems (adjectival, numerical, etc.) are suitable for proposal evaluation; however, and depending on the particular purchase, some are more suitable than others. The selected scoring system should be simple and practical. When developing the proposal evaluation strategy, the following activities must be completed: