2-30.2 Late Proposals and Modifications

Proposals and modifications of proposals are late if received after the date and time established in the solicitation for receipt of proposals. This does not include the normal revisions of proposals made by a supplier during discussions and negotiations. Late proposals and modifications may be considered in accordance with paragraph e of Provision 4-1: Standard Solicitation Provisions. It is normally in the interest of the Postal Service to consider a late proposal when doing so would not cause a delay in the evaluation process, or the proposal was late because of mishandling after receipt, or the proposal offers a significant cost, quality, or technical benefit. It is not in the interest of the Postal Service to consider any proposal received so late that its consideration would jeopardize, or give the appearance of jeopardizing, the integrity of the purchasing process. When a late proposal or modification is not considered, the Supplier must be given written notification that its proposal or modification was received late and was not considered. Each late proposal must be retained in the solicitation file with a statement as to whether it was considered, and the rationale as to why or why not.