2-35 (Reserved)

2-36 Evaluate Foreign and Domestic Proposals

Proposals offering other than domestic end products will be evaluated in one of two ways against proposals of relatively equal value offering domestic end products or eligible designated country end products (domestic end products are defined within Section 2-36.1, Domestic End Products, the designated countries are listed in 2-36.2, Designated Countries, designated country end products are defined within Section 2-36.3, End Products from Designated Countries, and the designated country eligibility thresholds are listed in Section 2-36.4, Designated Country Eligibility Thresholds, Figure 2.14). This evaluation will depend on the relative importance of price to the evaluation factors other than price in making a best value determination as follows:

The VP, SM may determine that only soliciting domestic (made in the U.S.A.) end products is in the best interest of the Postal Service for certain requirements. In these instances, any proposal offering end products not made in the U.S. will not be evaluated.