2-44 Consideration and Use of Specific Clauses

2-44.1 Most Favored Customer Pricing

The Most Favored Customer Pricing (MFCP) clause is applicable to contracts involving the purchase of commercially available goods and does not apply to the purchase of services. Contracting officers should consider inclusion of Provision 2-10: Most Favored Customer Sales Reporting and Clause 2-48: Most Favored Customer Pricing in solicitations and contracts for the purchase of commercially available goods having a period of performance exceeding one year. Provision and clause usage should be considered under multi-year contracts where there is a potential for achieving price reductions based on wide Postal Service adoption or anticipation of high volume quantity requirements for the items within the Schedule. When using this clause contracting officers are advised to consult with assigned legal counsel prior to contract award. Use of this clause requires advance planning and contract administration activities to ensure compliance with the clause. The contract administration activities should be taken into consideration when considering clause usage.

The contracting officer and the supplier are required to conduct certain activities during the life of the contract under the MFCP clause. Those activities include the following: