3 USPS Supplying Practices Process Step 3: Select Suppliers

3-1 Award Contract and Notify Suppliers

3-1.1 Award and Notification

Once the purchase/SCM team has determined which supplier offers the Postal Service the best value and appropriate reviews and approvals have been obtained, the contract award is made by execution of a contract by both parties, or by written acceptance of, or performance against, a purchase order. Suppliers who competed but were not awarded contract(s) (“unsuccessful offerors”) must be sent written notification within three days of contract award. If simplified purchasing techniques were used, see Section 2-43.8, Notification to Unsuccessful Offerors, for policies related to notification to unsuccessful offerors. Otherwise, unsuccessful offerors must be told the following:

Contracting officers may also include information in the notification letters on how the unsuccessful offeror may improve proposals submitted in the future and that an opportunity for feedback is available (See Section 3-3, Provide Feedback). The Unsuccessful Offeror Notification Letter can be transmitted electronically or by certified mail with return receipt. In no event shall an offeror’s cost breakdown, profit, overhead rates, trade secrets, manufacturing processes and techniques, or other confidential business information be disclosed to any other offeror.