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Revisit/Update Resource Assessment

Resource assessment is used to determine whether sufficient resources, including funding, have been assessed and budgeted for a project. Previously, resources were preliminarily assessed in the context of the Conceptualize Need task of Process Step 1: Identify Needs. In the context of the Decide on Make vs. Buy task, revisiting or updating the resource assessment confirms cost estimates in the relevant sections of the business justification document. Comparing validated costs with the original estimates is a crucial activity of this task.

During this stage, the Client must continue to evaluate the need and determine its relative impact on available resources. When planning the delivery of a new project, the Client organization needs to consider the resources required, whether they are from its own organization, a different organization in the Postal Service, Supply Management, partners, or suppliers. Purchase/SCM Teams should also be aware of the impact that these decisions and actions will have on the Client's budget. See Handbook F-66, General Investment Policies and Procedures for more information.

Resource Planning

Figure 1.8

Resource Planning Diagram

drawing of resource planning diagram

All five resource categories should be carefully analyzed during the resource planning stage because they are primary resources that help facilitate project success. Figure 1.8 summarizes the required resources, the factors to be considered when planning, and the information that will be needed for the resource in question.

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Funding is a particularly important consideration of resource planning. Factors for analysis will include budget/budget cycle, cost benefits, and return on investment (ROI). Information that will be needed include source, timing, and how the funds will be applied.

In addition to examining the budget, a cost/benefit analysis should be conducted to assess whether the initiative will have an ROI. It will then be necessary to identify all sources of funding, the timing of the funds (how much, and when, funding is required), and how these funds are to be applied. Funding arrangements provide the basis for financial management and control throughout the project life cycle.

Other Topics Considered

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