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Accountbooks and Statement of Accounts for Postal Fiscal Year 2002

The material distribution center (MDC) has completed an automatic distribution of PS Form 1551, Accountbook for Post Offices and Financial Reporting Units - CAGs A-L, and PS Form 1555, Statement of Account for CAGs H-L, for postal fiscal year (PFY) 2002. These forms have an edition date of June 2000, the same as last year. The forms are to be used by statement of account (SOA) CAG H-L offices only.

Any offices with remaining forms from last year may use them in PFY 2002.

These forms were distributed in bulk quantities to district accounting offices (DAOs) only and should be distributed by the DAOs to the field no later than August 24, 2001. If your office does not receive its forms by this date, contact your DAO, not the MDC.

All CAG H-L offices that submit a manual SOA are to begin using the forms at the beginning of PFY 2002 (9-8-01).

DAOs requiring forms in addition to the automatic distribution may requisition them as follows:

· Touch Tone Order Entry (TTOE): Call 1-800-332-0317, option 1, then option 2.

· cc:Mail: Send an F3Fill-completed PS Form 7380, MDC Supply Requisition, by cc:Mail to MDC Customer Service at TOKSOO1L.

· Official Mail: Mail a completed PS Form 7380 to the following address:

TOPEKA KS 66624-9702

The relevant ordering information is as follows:

blank PS Form 1551 PS Form 1555
PSN: PS 1551 PS 1555
PSIN: 7530-03-000-7731 7530-01-000-9354
Unit of Issue: SE PG
Quick Pick #: N/A N/A
Bulk Pack Quantity: N/A N/A
Price: N/A N/A
Edition Date: June 2000 June 2000

DAOs are cautioned not to order more forms than are necessary.


1. DAOs should not include standard field accounting procedures (SFAP) offices when placing orders.

2. Post Offices should not request these forms from the MDC. These forms are distributed to DAOs only. Any Post Office requiring forms should contact its DAO.

- Corporate Accounting, Finance, 7-26-01

Fraud Alert

Withholding of Mail Orders

Withholding of mail orders is enforced by postmasters at the cities listed below:
State/City Names Covered
CA, Escondido 92046-2264 Marc Tropia and/or Homestyle Corp., P.O. Box 462264
GA, Atlanta 30305-2918 Expedia Travel, 2870 Peachtree Road, PMB 449
MI, Grand Rapids 49512-1805 Any And All Of Various Names Other Than The Name Of John Stevens, PMB 128, 3923 28th Street, SE
- Recorder's Office, Judicial Officer, 7-26-01

Domestic Orders

False Representation. Enforced by the postmaster at the city listed below:
State/City Names Covered Product
GA, Atlanta 30325-1165 Komichel Johnson, Office of FSG, P.O. Box 250165 A sweepstakes scheme.
- Recorder's Office, Judicial Officer, 7-26-01