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Administrative Services

Directives and Forms Update

Effective immediately, Publication 223, Directives and Forms Catalog (June 1999), is revised. The tables below contain the document ID, edition date, title, national stock number (NSN), and the postal and public supply source for all new, revised, and obsolete directives and forms. Use this article to keep Publication 223 current. Information on how to order directives and forms can be found in chapter 1 of Publication 223.

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New Directives

Document ID Edition Date Title NSN Org USPS Source Public Source
HBK MS-197 8/1/2001 Mailing Evaluation Readability Lookup Instrument, Merlin 7610-05-000-4500 ENG MDC R
MI AS-510-2001-3 10/2001 Headquarters Mailroom Services N/A FAC IWEB N/A
MI AS-860-2001-4 10/9/2001 Prohibition of Ownership and Use of Nongovernment Frequency Band Radio Devices N/A IT IWEB N/A
MI AS-860-2001-5 10/9/2001 Acquiring and Managing Wireless Services: Cellular Telephone, Paging, and Wireless Data N/A IT IWEB N/A
MI PO-540-2001-4 10/31/2001 Rail Payments Manual Processing N/A NET OPS IWEB N/A
MOP COO-10-16-2001 10/16/2001 Cleaning Policy Clarification Due to Anthrax Incidents N/A ERM IWEB N/A
MOP COO-10-24-01-2 10/24/2001 Personal Protection Equipment Purchases N/A ERM IWEB N/A
MOP COO-10-24-01-3 10/24/2001 Anthrax Awareness, Protection and Reporting N/A ERM IWEB N/A
MOP COO-10-24-2001 10/24/2001 Possibility of Harmful Biological Agents at Collection and Retail Acceptance Points N/A ERM IWEB N/A
MOP COO-10-25-2001 10/25/2001 Collection of Employee Data N/A ERM IWEB N/A
MOP FI-06-08-2001 6/8/2001 Policy Memo - Statistical Programs Letter #6, FY2001 N/A FIN IWEB N/A
MOP FI-08-23-2001 8/23/2001 Policy Memo - Statistical Programs Letter #1, FY2002 N/A FIN IWEB N/A
MOP FI-09-13-2001 9/13/2001 Policy Memo - Statistical Programs Letter #2, FY2002 Training and Process Review N/A FIN IWEB N/A
MOP IT-11-02-2001 11/2/2001 Computer Use N/A IT IWEB N/A
MOP OS-10-01-2001 10/2001 Vehicle Security N/A DP&P IWEB N/A
MOP OS-10-23-2001 10/23/2001 Vehicle Security N/A DP&P IWEB N/A
MOP PP-10-26-2001 10/26/2001 Congressional Visits to Postal Facilities N/A GR&PP IWEB N/A
PUB 361 10/2001 United States Postal Service Certificate Policy for Electronic Identity Certificates, Version 0.8 N/A IT IWEB WWW
PUB 805-E 11/2001 Information Security N/A IT HQO N/A
TAG 200 8/2001 FedEx Sort Placard 7530-05-000-4405 NET OPS MDC N/A
TAG 2000 8/2001 FedEx By-Pass Placard 7530-05-000-4404 NET OPS MDC N/A

Revised Directives

Document ID Edition Date Title NSN Org USPS Source Public Source
HBK DM-103 TL 3 11/2001 Official Mail 7610-05-000-4149 FIN MDC/ IWEB MDC
HBK EL-312 9/2001 Employment and Placement 7610-03-000-9356 ERM MDC N/A
HBK F-65 9/2001 Data Collection User's Guide for Cost Systems 7610-04-000-5305 FIN IWEB
HBK T-5 10/16/2001 International Mail Operations 7610-03-000-4212 IB IWEB N/A
LAB 226-A 6/2001 "Stamps To Go" Door Decal 7690-02-000-7030 RET MDC N/A
MI AS-610-2001-1 6/2001 Web Site Affiliation Program N/A eCom IWEB WWW
NOT 21 11/2001 13-Period Year Calendar 7610-02-000-9894 FIN IWEB N/A
NOT 67 9/2000 Automation Template 7610-02-000-9906 ENG MDC N/A
POS 51 9/2001 International Postal Rates and Fees 7610-01-000-9149 IB MDC P/F
PUB 95 10/2001 Quick Service Guide 7610-04-000-1197 P&PD MDC PBC
PUB 295 8/2001 Hispanic People and Events on U.S. Postage Stamps 7610-03-000-9507 DIV MDC MDC
PUB 370 9/2001 Extra Services - Get More From Your Post Office 7610-04-000-5602 MKT MDC P/F
PUB 406 10/2001 Guide to the Centralized Postage Payment (CPP) System for Periodicals Mail N/A P&PD IWEB N/A
PUB 500-A 9/2001 Corporate Signature: Graphic Guidelines 7610-03-000-9404 PA&C MDC N/A
PUB 552 9/2001 Manager's Guide to Understanding Sexual Harassment 7610-03-000-7591 DIV MDC N/A

Obsolete Directives

Document ID Edition Date Title Obsolete Date Replaced By
HBK EL-311 4/1990 Personnel Operations 10/05/2001 HBK EL-312
HBK MS-86-VOL-A-P1 9/1987 Optical Character Reader Channel Sorter (OCR/CS) (Burroughs), Detailed System Data 11/9/2001 N/A
HBK MS-86-VOL-A-P2 9/1987 OCR/CS (Burroughs), Detailed System Data 11/14/2001 N/A
HBK MS-86-VOL-A-P3 9/1987 OCR/CS (Burroughs), Detailed System Data 11/14/2001 N/A
HBK MS-117 9/1989 Micro-Processor Controlled, MARK-II B3 Facer Canceler 11/9/2001 N/A
HBK MS-131 11/1994 EZR II 11/9/2001 N/A
HBK PO-504 3/1/1989 Highway Contract Routes - Box Delivery Service 08/24/2001 HBK P-5 - 7/2001 Edition
MI AS-720-92-12 12/17/1992 Post - AIM Inventory Management Process 09/25/2001 N/A
MI FM-640-1999-2 1/22/1999 Payment for Meals and Refreshments 10/1/2001 MI FM-640-2001-4
MI PO-540-88-5 12/19/1988 Rail Piggyback Payment 11/1/2001 MI PO-540-2001-4
PUB 82-A 12/1989 INTELPOST Service Directory And User's Guide 09/19/2001 N/A
PUB 201-C 1/1996 A Consumer's Guide to Postal Services and Products (CHINESE) 1/20/1999 N/A

New Forms

Form Number Edition Date Oldest Usable Date Title NSN Where Used Unit of Issue Org USPS Source Public Source
PS 1111 11/2001 11/2001 USPS Bulk Insured Service (BIS) Application N/A BC SH MKT IWEB WWW
PS 3500 11/2001 11/2001 Application for Periodicals Mailing Privileges 7510-05-000-4625 PU EA MKT MDC WWW

Revised Forms

Form Number Edition Date Oldest Usable Date Title NSN Where Used Unit of Issue Org USPS Source Public Source
PS 518 9/2001 9/2001 Inspection Service Diary 7530-02-000-9939 PS BK IS MDC N/A
PS 2523 9/2001 9/2001 Time Record Sheet 7530-03-000-0758 PS SH ERM NTA N/A
PS 3510 11/2001 10/1992 Application for Additional Entry, Reentry, or Special Rate Request for Periodicals Publication 7530-01-000-9928 PU SH MKT MDC WWW
PS 4232 10/2001 10/2001 Rural Customer Delivery Instructions 7530-03-000-9022 PO EA DP&P MDC P/F
PS 5006 9/2001 10/1999 Dinero Seguro Payment Order Application 7530-03-000-8649 PU SH MKT MDC P/F
PS 8126 9/2001 9/2001 Consolidated Originating RPW Test 7530-02-000-7256 PS PD FIN MDC N/A

- Policies and Procedures Information,Public Affairs and Communications, 12-13-01

Customer Relations

Mail Alert

The mailings below will be deposited in the near future. Offices should honor the requested home delivery dates. Mailers wishing to participate in these alerts, for mailings of 1 million pieces or more, should contact Business Service Network Operations at 800-419-2769 at least one month preceding the requested delivery dates. The Postal Service also offers electronic Mail Alerts via ADVANCE. For more information, see the ADVANCE Notification & Tracking System Technical Guide on the Internet at or contact the National Customer Support Center at 800-458-3181.
Title of Mailing Class and Type of Mail Requested Delivery
Number of Pieces (Millions) Distribution Presort Level Comments
JC Penney Holiday Appreciation Standard/Letter 12/17-12/19 20.4 Nationwide Car-Rt Harte-Hanks
JC Penney Catalog Clearance Standard/Postcard 12/22-12/26 8 Nationwide Car-Rt Harte-Hanks
The Sportsman's Guide January Main Standard/Flat 12/26-12/29 1.4 Nationwide Car-Rt, 3/5-Digit Quad Graphis,
Lomira, WI
Sally Beauty Supply Standard/Letter 12/28-12/31 2.5 Nationwide Residual 5%, 3/5-Digit 30%, Car-Rt 65% The Mail Box,
Dallas, TX
Seventh Avenue Standard/Catalog 12/29/01-1/03/02 1.1 Nationwide Car-Rt, 3/5-Digit, Basic, Barcoded Quad Graphics, Lomira, WI
- Business Service Network Operations, Sales, 12-13-01

Domestic Mail


Temporary Embargo Lifted on Acceptance of Live Animals

Effective November 14, 2001, the temporary embargo imposed on the acceptance and transport of live animals, including day-old poultry, on September 1, 2001, is lifted. (The article announcing the temporary embargo appeared in Postal Bulletin 22058, 9-6-01, page 31.)

Live animals may be tendered and accepted for mailing at local Post Offices provided that the contents of the shipping container can be visually inspected. However, large shippers and geographically isolated shippers should continue to contact their nearest airport mail center/facility to determine network availability, schedules, and capacity. We encourage all live animal shippers to deal directly with the airport mail center/facility that (1) streamlines the process by reducing staging time and (2) eliminates potential plan failures.

- Commercial Air Operations,Network Operations Management, 12-13-01


Cycle C Testing - Manifest Analysis and Certification (MAC) Program

Cycle C software testing for the Manifest Analysis and Certification (MAC) program is currently available until February 28, 2002. During March 2002, we will publish a list in the Mailer's Companion and Memo to Mailers and post the list on the Rapid Information Bulletin Board System (RIBBS) of all products that complete certification by that date for any manifest mailing system software products supporting single-piece rate mail. Certifications awarded during Cycle C are effective through December 31, 2002, unless new postage rates become effective before that date.

The MAC program has proven beneficial for software developers and manifesting customers, as well as for the Postal Service. The MAC program offers:

Software quality review.

Standardized manifest documentation formats.

A central location to obtain manifest mailing information.

A reliable source for resolving mailer manifests acceptance issues.

A list of certified products available at

National approval of postage statement facsimiles.

Electronic notices of regulation and rate changes such as the upcoming R-2001 rate case.

Participation in the MAC program improves the quality of manifesting products and enhances customer satisfaction. We encourage manifesting software developers to pursue MAC Cycle C certification for their products. Software developers may initiate testing of manifesting software by contacting the MAC department at 1-800-238-3150, extension 4692 or 4455.

- Marketing Technology and Channel Management, Business Mail Acceptance, 12-13-01