Fellow Postal Employees:

The last few months have presented extraordinary challenges for the Postal Service and the nation we serve. Like all Americans, each one of us has faced an environment of uncertainty and change. Yet, through it all - from September's attacks to the tragedy of losing two of our own to an act of terrorism using the mail - you have continued to deliver for our nation.

We are entering a very special time of the year, one of reflection, of giving thanks and of looking ahead. I want to take this opportunity to recognize the outstanding service each of you has provided to the people of America during a most difficult time. There is no one prouder of your accomplishments than I am.

The great strength of the Postal Service has always been its people.

That strength has never before been tested as it has during the last two months, And we have passed that test. Today, we stand more united than ever.

I thank you for doing your best, for demonstrating the professionalism, the dedication and - most of all - the pride that has been at the heart of the Postal Service for more than 200 years.

As we move into a season marked by celebration, hope, and renewal, please accept my best wishes and heartfelt gratitude. For you and for those you love, may all the joys of the holidays be yours.

John E. Potter