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PMG Seeks Reimbursement for Services Rendered

March 14
Postmaster General Jack Putter told Congress the Postal Service is taking "aggressive and successful" actions to manage costs, but there is a need for appropriations in defined areas. He said, however, that USPS has no intention of seeking any general taxpayer subsidies.

Potter said USPS is requesting appropriations in three distinct areas for fiscal year 2003. The first is $29 million for revenue forgone reimbursements - the 10th payment in a series of 42 annual payments. These funds pay for a portion of the postage fur reduced rate mail handled in the past.

Second is $31 million for free mail for the blind and overseas voting materials. The third element of the request is $928 million for the remaining balance of the total authorized amount of revenue foregone reimbursement. These funds would be used to restart frozen capital projects, such as building new post offices.

Potter thanked lawmakers for the $500 million Congress appropriated for USPS to enhance mail security. And he acknowledged the $175 million provided by the White House in October to meet immediate needs to protect employees, customers and the mail.

PMG Appoints Two New Officers

March 12
Postmaster General Jack Potter announced the appointments of Ralph Moden as vice president, Strategic Planning and Robert Pedersen as vice president, Treasurer.

Moden has an extensive background in Operations and has served in numerous field and headquarters positions, which uniquely qualifies him fur his new position. In his new rule, Moden reports directly to the PMG and will be responsible for coordinating the development of plans and analyses contributing to the establishment of the strategic direction of the Postal Service. Additionally, he is overseeing the development of the Comprehensive Transformation Plan, which is due to Congress April 5.

Pedersen has an extensive background in finance, having worked as an economist, investment officer, and debt manger in previous positions. As vice president, Treasurer, Pedersen reports to the Chief Financial Officer and is responsible for managing the Postal Service's cash flows and debt. In addition, he will oversee Bank Secrecy Act compliance, business evaluation activities and the new audit response function with Finance.

USPS Readies Transformation Plan

March 5
USPS will submit a transformation plan - a blueprint document detailing the future vision of the Postal Service- to Congress on April 4, said Board of Governors Chairman Robert Rider at the Board's monthly public meeting. Rider said the plan "will provide the framework fur how the Postal Service of the future will be reformed and revitalized to meet the changing needs of our customers over the next 10 to 20 years. It is clear to all of us that the time for debating the need for reform is past?

Congress and the General Accounting Office requested that USPS create a comprehensive transformation plan outlining how USPS intends to transform itself in the face of changing global markets, increased competition from new technologies and the need to deliver mail to an ever-increasing number of addresses.

In other news, it was announced that after an extensive review of its Internet-based services, USPS will discontinue its secure online messaging service, PosteCS. USPS is continuing to review current eCommerce services. A transition plan will minimize any inconvenience current PosteCS users may encounter.