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Are You Properly Storing and Labeling Your Used Oil?

Here is what you need to do...

•Properly label collection containers "USED OIL" or as specified by state or local regulation

•Maintain your used oil containers in good condition and ensure that they are not leaking

•Keep used oil containers closed

•Properly recycle or dispose of used oil through a permitted vendor

•Keep used oil contaminated with refrigerants or any other liquid separate from other used oil

•Determine if your state regulates used oil as a hazardous waste (you must follow all applicable regulations for hazardous waste management)

Used oil that is not recycled must be handled as a hazardous waste.

For additional information, contact your immediate supervisor or visit the environmental web page (

For assistance with training, contact NCED environmental support team at 405 366-4890.

Poster 161, November 2001