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Are You Properly Implementing Your Facility SWPPP and/or SPCC Plan?

Here is what is required of a  Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) or a Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures (SPCC) Plan:

•Perform inspections and leak tests on your underground and aboveground storage tanks

•Perform inspections on containment systems, fuel transfer operations, and spill response equipment and supplies

•Maintain adequate spill control supplies and equipment as required in your plan(s)

•Maintain spill reports in accordance with your plan(s)

•Know who to contact when a hazardous or regulated substance has been released in reportable quantities to the environment

Your facility may require an SWPPP or an SPCC Plan if the facility: operates wastewater treatment equipment; discharges wastewater into public sewers; stores more than 660 gallons of petroleum products in a single above ground storage tank, or more than 1,320 gallons in total capacity in all above ground storage tanks; stores more than 42,000 gallons of petroleum products in underground storage tanks; handles domestic sewage sludge.

For additional information, contact your immediate supervisor or visit the environmental web page ( For assistance with training, contact NCED environmental support team at 405 366-4890.

Poster 162, November 2001