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Are You Properly Disposing of Your Hazardous Waste?

Here is what you need to do...

•Determine the type of waste streams that are generated by your facility (common hazardous wastes found at postal facilities include: oils, solvents, batteries, pesticides, inks, degreasers, old paint and thinners, etc.)

•Manage your hazardous waste accumulation and storage areas (storage areas and containers must be properly identified, labeled and controlled, inspected weekly, and secured)

•Maintain the proper documents or reports for your hazardous waste (a copy of hazardous waste disposal records must be maintained for three years)

•Use only permitted recycling or disposal facilities and waste haulers

Proper material management can eliminate or reduce the generation of hazardous waste, which can reduce the requirements for hazardous waste compliance.

For additional information, contact your immediate supervisor or visit the environmental web page ( .For assistance with training, contact NCED environmental support team at 405 366-4890.

Poster 167, November 2001