Summaries of recent USPS News Releases

"Early-bird" Hours for Parcel Select Customers
Sept. 24

Chief Operating Officer Patrick Donahoe, speaking at the National Postal Forum, announced a two-phased approach that will help Parcel Select customers get their mailings into the system earlier in the day.

"We believe we can increase our market share of the package business via the Parcel Select products while our consolidator and package shipping customers enjoy better service," said Donahoe.

Phase One begins Oct. 19 when the 1,000 largest destination delivery units (DDUs) - with some exceptions - offer expanded Parcel Select drop-ship hours: 5 a.m. to 7 a.m. and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Phase Two will roll-out to an additional 7,800 offices in the near future, based on staffing, scheduling and facility capacity.

Excerpted Remarks by PMG at National Postal Forum
Sept. 23

Together, we all have a responsibility to strengthen and maintain the public trust and confidence that has been invested in our industry by the American people.

In the past year, we in the Postal Service have worked to do our part. We have kept our eye on our core mission: to provide dependable, universal mail service to every American, regardless of where they live, where they do business and regardless of their economic status.

I'd like to publicly thank the Governors of the Postal Service, our leadership team, our managers, our postmasters and supervisors, and all our clerks, carriers and mailhandlers, for their resolve, their flexibility, and for their hard work. It was a year like we have never seen before.

USPS Releases "A Customer's Guide to Mailing"
Sept. 23

Promoting greater ease of use for postal customers, USPS released the sharper, leaner, easy-to-use DMM 100, A Customer's Guide to Mailing. The 24-page booklet provides customers clear, concise mailing information, including illustrations, tips and real-life examples.

Advance copies were sent to retail facilities in early September. Bulk quantities of the guide and lobby display materials are now being shipped to Post Offices.

Mailing Industry Task Force: Moving Quickly from Concept to Reality
Sept. 23

The Mailing Industry Task Force is making great strides to meet its objectives to better respond to customer needs, make mail more competitive and help unify the industry, according to a progress report issued at the National Postal Forum in Boston.

"The mailing industry shares the understanding that a vital Postal Service providing universal communication and delivery service to the American people is critically important," said Deputy PMG John Nolan, co-chair of the task force.

The task force highlighted its achievements in several areas, including address quality, intelligent mail, consumer gateway services, network optimization, enhanced payment systems and commercial credit options, and competitive pricing strategy.

Transformation in action: USPS, Capital One sign NSA
Sept. 19

USPS continues to push forward its Transformation Plan. The latest initiative is the Negotiated Service Agreement (NSA) with Capital One. It's a three-year deal pending approval by the Postal Rate Commission.

"Many postal customers want access to prices and services targeted to their specific needs. One way to accommodate these needs, under current law, is through the pricing flexibility afforded to us with NSAs," said Anita Bizzotto, Chief Marketing Officer for the Postal Service.

The NSA with Capital One includes discounts for First-Class Mail when annual volume reaches 1.225 billion pieces. USPS also will return undeliverable mail electronically to Capital One, eliminating nearly 200 million physical returns - a significant reduction in costs for the Postal Service and increased efficiency for Capital One.

NSAs can cover every aspect of mailing from preparation to delivery. They can specify a particular rate, classification or service condition. They also can include restrictions that go beyond those required of other mailers.

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