Transformation Plan:
Four objectives will anchor USPS success

  • WASHINGTON - The Transformation Plan is already paying dividends, said PMG Jack Potter at the recent Board of Governors meeting in Memphis, TN.
  • "We believe we have turned the corner on many of the initiatives in the Transformation Plan," said Potter. "We not only reduced costs by $2.9 billion, but we also provided record levels of service to our customers, the American people."
  • Potter outlined four objectives that will keep the Postal Service moving forward with its Transformation Plan.
  • Improve service. "We will continue our commitment to improve service performance. As part of that commitment, we will continue to focus on making improvements to reduce the risk our systems face against another bioterrorism attack," the PMG said.
  • Ratemaking alternatives. "We are committed to exploring with the Postal Rate Commission alternatives to the ratemaking process within the current law. Those alternatives include negotiated service agreements and phased rates," Potter said.
  • Grow the business. Potter said we will grow our core business by enhancing our products and services and by expanding access to postal services.
  • Manage costs. "We will continue to manage our finances and reduce costs. Fiscal year 2003 will be the second year in our five-year commitment to take $5 billion out of our costs by 2006," Potter said.

Expanded hours
Parcel Select sites open to serve "early-birds."

BOSTON - Chief Operating Officer Patrick Donahoe, speaking at the National Postal Forum, announced a two-phased approach that will help Parcel Select customers get their mailings into the system earlier in the day.

  • "We believe we can increase our market share of the package business via the Parcel Select products while our consolidator and package shipping customers enjoy better service," said Donahoe.
  • Phase One begins Oct. 19 when the 1,000 largest destination delivery units (DDUs) - with some exceptions - offer expanded Parcel Select drop-ship hours: 5 a.m. to 7 a.m. and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Phase Two will roll-out to an additional 7,800 offices, based on current staffing, scheduling and facility capacity. Implementation is expected in the near future.
  • Parcel Select is directed toward high-volume shippers who serve residential customers. It is directly associated with a series of cost-saving service offerings now available at the Postal Service, such as workshare discounts.
  • USPS will continue to support current local initiatives to expand Parcel Select drop-ship hours based on mailers' requests and current staffing.

Got stamps?
Look for the eagle at 60,000 non-postal locations nationwide.

Washington - Isn't it great being able to buy a book of stamps at the grocery store checkout? The new "Buy Stamps Here" decal helps consumers identify non-postal locations coast to coast where postage stamps are sold.

  • Postage stamps are now available at nearly 60,000 convenient locations - like grocery stores - across the U.S., in addition to the 38,000 Post Offices, contract stations and Widespread availability lets consumers buy stamps when and where they need them.
  • And getting your cereal and stamps in one stop means busy consumers have more time for important stuff … like picnics and stargazing.
  • Look for the familiar eagle decal at participating grocery stores, drug stores and ATMs, on vending machines and at contract postal stations.

Greater flexibility:
New workshare discounts would benefit smaller Periodicals mailers

WASHINGTON - Small circulation Periodicals mailers may soon be able to take advantage of the same workshare discounts offered to large mailers. The Postal Service has filed a case with the Postal Rate Commission (PRC) seeking a two-year experimental mail classification for Periodicals co-palletization dropship discounts.

  • The discounts are designed to provide an additional incentive for publishers, printers and consolidators to combine different publications or print runs on pallets, avoiding the need for sacks, a benefit to mailers and USPS.
  • USPS also has filed a case with the PRC seeking a three-year experimental mail classification based on a negotiated service agreement (NSA) between the Postal Service and Capital One Services, Inc.
  • One objective of the Transformation Plan seeks greater service enhancements - ease-of-use and pricing initiatives that add customer value to postal products and services.
  • Both the recently filed NSA and the Periodicals experiment move toward greater pricing flexibility and reductions in costs for USPS, contributing to the long-term viability of the Postal Service system.

Travel made PostalEASEy
Have you tried eTravel net-to-bank yet?

WASHINGTON - PostalEase keeps growing, adding features and functions. The latest addition is eTravel net-to-bank. Now instead of going to their eTravel coordinator, employees can make changes themselves through PostalEase, using the same method they use for their payroll net-to-bank.

  • To make changes to their eTravel net to bank by phone, employees can call the toll-free PostalEASE number, 877-477-3273.
  • Employees with access to Blue, at, can also access PostalEASE at The eTravel net to bank link is located under the Payroll tab.
  • eTravel net-to-bank - brought to you by USPS Human Resources, Information Technology and Finance.

Season of giving:
CFC now underway

WASHINGTON - It's that giving time again - Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) season. Each year, USPS joins other federal agencies to participate in CFC - the only authorized solicitation of employees in the federal workplace on behalf of charitable organizations.

  • Now through Dec. 15, Postal Service employees will be involved in up to 400 individual CFC fundraising efforts across the country.
  • To find out more about this year's program, or CFC in general, visit the USPS intranet, Blue, at http//

Batty about stamps?
October is National Stamp Collecting Month.

WASHINGTON - Crazy about commemoratives? Daffy over definitives? Or just freaky about philately? Whatever the case, October is your month - National Stamp Collecting Month.

  • And if you're batty about stamps, USPS has you covered. The recently issued American Bats stamps will be the focus of next month's celebration.
  • "With the issuance of the American Bats stamps, we have a wonderful opportunity to help educate the public about something we feel is very important - our ecosystem," said Robert Rider, chairman of the USPS Board of Governors, in dedicating the stamps.
  • To promote the American Bats stamps and National Stamp Collecting Month, USPS has support from the National Wildlife Federation and Bat Conservation International.
  • Both groups provide educational guides to help children learn about the crucial role bats play in helping to preserve the environment. For more information, visit their websites at and
  • The Postal Store has all the latest stamps, including Irving Berlin, Ogden Nash, Spay or Neuter, Women in Journalism, Teddy Bears, and Heroes of 2001.

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