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High Temperature + High Humidity + Physical Work = Heat Illness

Heat Stroke Symptoms - A Medical Emergency 

• Dry, pale skin with no sweating
• Hot, red skin that looks sunburned
• Mood changes such as irritability, confusion, or the inability to think straight
• Seizures or fits
• Unconsciousness with no response

Actions to Take

• Call 911 for emergency help immediately.
• Move the victim to a cool, shaded area. Don’t leave the person alone. Lay the victim on his or her back. Move any nearby objects away from the person if symptoms include seizures or fits. If symptoms include nausea or upset stomach, lay the victim on his or her side.
• Loosen and remove any heavy clothing.
• Have the person drink cool water (about a cup every 15 minutes) if alert enough to drink something, unless sick to the stomach.
• Cool the persons’ body by fanning and spraying with a cool mist of water, by wiping the victim with a wet cloth, or by covering him or her with a wet sheet.
• Place ice packs under the armpits and groin area.