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August 6, 2003


SUBJECT: Purchasing Office Supplies

It has come to my attention that there is some confusion concerning the purchase of office supplies products. As you know, we have entered into a contract with Boise Cascade to provide office supplies. However, it was never our intent that the contract with Boise would fulfill all office supply needs. There are some Postal Service unique office supply products which will continue to be acquired under separate contracts.

Further, there are two exceptions to the contract. (1) If you have a required delivery date that Boise cannot meet and another supplier can meet the requirement, you have the option of purchasing from that competitor. (2) If you find a lower price with a supplier other than Boise, you then have the options of asking Boise to match the price or just to purchase the item at the lower price from the other supplier.

I encourage you to support the National Industry for the Blind and the National Institute for the Severely Handicapped by purchasing JWOD products. As a reminder, JWOD is a law requiring all federal agencies, including the Postal Service, to purchase certain office supply items from sheltered workshops. You may purchase your JWOD products from Boise Cascade or from other JWOD qualified suppliers when the total costs are lower than that offered by Boise Cascade.

Please ensure this information is shared with all employees responsible for procuring office supplies,

Jack Potter
Postmaster General, CEO