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LEADING THE FIGHT AGAINST BREAST CANCER: Safeway purchases more than $1 million of BCR stamps

The fight against breast cancer got a big boost when Safeway purchased more than $1 million of Breast Cancer Research stamps. It's the largest single purchase of the semipostal stamp since it was issued five years ago.

The supermarket chain bought $1,023,300 worth of Breast Cancer Research stamps as part of its community caring program. Customers can purchase the stamps at Safeway stores nationwide.

Safeway will sell a sheet of 20 Breast Cancer Research stamps, normally priced at $9, for $10 with the extra dollar going to local breast cancer research.

Breast Cancer Research stamps cost 45 cents. As a semipostal stamp, it's valid for the 37-cent First-Class Mail® rate with the difference, minus administrative costs, going to research. Funds are transferred to the National Institutes of Health and the medical research program of the Department of Defense.

STRONG LEADERSHIP PAYING DIVIDENDS: PMG earns high marks from industry magazine

PMG Potter's willingness to tackle the big issues facing the Postal ServiceTM earned him high praise in the most recent issue of MAIL: The Journal of Communications Distribution. "After two plus years at the helm, PMG Potter has toiled hard to manage in a difficult environment," the article said.

The publication gives Potter "high marks" for leading the agency through some of its most challenging times. He's done it by directing managers to cut overhead and staffing, and by steering Postal Service initiatives through Congress, said the publication.

The PMG pushed forward the Postal Service Transformation Plan, which has allowed USPS® to "set the agenda for future reform." He has used this plan to earmark cost reductions of roughly $5 billion by 2006 and improve mail delivery, said the article.

"The Postal Service is in a race for its future," said the PMG recently. Not to worry, said the article, the Postal Service is in good hands: "No doubt in this race the USPS team has a strong leader managing the team."

POSTAL BRAND: It's our good name - protect it!

The United States Postal Service® brand carries with it the reputation and goodwill of the entire organization. From the sanctity of the mail, to the dedication of its employees, the Postal Service brand represents everything that makes its products and services unique to customers and corporate stakeholders. It includes the look, the feel and the impression that the Postal Service presents to them.

The corporate trademark - the Eagle symbol and the corporate logotype - is used to advertise, promote and communicate the Postal Service brand identity internally and externally. From corporate stationery to packaging materials, this trademark carries the Postal Service brand.

Unfortunately, there are occasions when our brand is used in advertisements by outside companies without our approval. If you suspect the Postal Service brand has been used without approval, send an e-mail message to the vice president of Public Affairs and Communications at

Include the following information: Who is the advertisement for? If it's a television commercial, record the time of day, channel and network on which it appeared.

THE DOORS ARE OPEN: Customer Gateway makes it easy to do business online with USPS

The Customer Gateway recently opened its doors for national and premier account customers. Located conveniently on, the gateway gives our largest customers one place to go online for all their Postal Service information and resources.

The site mirrors the various steps of the mailing process and includes easy access to programs such as the drop- ship appointment system, PostalOne!, Centralized Account Processing System, and tracking - all in one location!

The most recent enhancement is access online to the Business Service Network - a test being conducted with six large mailers. This new feature will strengthen relationships between the Postal Service and mailers, increasing customer satisfaction and retention.

The site - a partnership between Marketing and Information Technology - will continue to evolve, adding new services and enterprise capabilities so that the Postal Service can provide the best service possible to our large business customers.


To visit the site, go to and click on National & Premier Accounts at the bottom of the page on the right.

SAFEGUARDING PERSONNEL RECORDS: Electronic back-up for official personnel folder is being pilot-tested

No file found? That's never a good thing, especially if it's a document in an employee's personnel records. That's why Human Resources and Information Technology are creating an electronic back-up for information maintained in an official personnel folder.

Most of the information in the folders is also stored in Human Resources and Payroll systems. However, some documents such as Designation of Beneficiaries are kept only in official personnel folders. If this file is lost or destroyed, the Postal Service must rely on the employee to provide copies of the documents.

An electronic official personnel folder will maintain scanned images of critical documents that can't be recreated from data stored in other systems. This electronic personnel folder is currently being pilot-tested in the Northeast Area. If this six-month trial is successful, the system will be implemented nationwide.

EASY ACCESS: Arizona has thousands of alternate stamp locations

About every third customer in Arizona buys stamps from somewhere other than a Post OfficeTM. Arizona leads the nation in alternate retail outlets - several thousand, compared with their nearly 250 Post Offices.

Making it easy for customers to buy stamps at convenient alternate locations is a key strategy of the Postal Service Transformation Plan - providing customer satisfaction at reasonable prices.

Arizona averages almost $7.5 million monthly in stamp sales generated at non-Postal Service retail outlets. Contract stations generate $30.7 million annually, and vending machines pull in $14.5 million.

Alternate access lets USPS retail employees better serve customers who come to Post Offices to purchase more than just stamps. Sales and services associates can focus on selling Priority Mail® products and bundled special services - such as Delivery Confirmation and Insurance - which helps increase revenue.

The Postal Bulletin - Help Us Save Paper and Money

The Postal Bulletin has been around for 123 years, and it's the most relied-upon, trusted source of information in the Postal ServiceTM today.

In the 1970s, when our nation became more concerned about our environment, the Postal Service began using recycled paper to print the Postal Bulletin. We have also tried over the years to print just the right number of copies to save our nation's resources.

Despite our efforts, some offices tell us that they receive too many copies. We need to do something about this.

Reducing or Canceling Your Subscription

Therefore, if you want to reduce the number of copies your office receives or if you want to cancel your subscription altogether, send an e-mail to or call 202-268-5776 (if you reach a recording, be sure to leave a message with your name, telephone number, and ZIP Code). Please be assured that we will not reduce or cancel your subscription unless you ask us to do so.

As we review our subscription list, we will begin calling facilities that seem to have duplicate subscriptions. If we call your facility, please help us determine if we can reduce your subscription.

Forwarding to Other Facilities

Are you using your own labels to forward Postal Bulletins to other facilities that don't have their own subscriptions? When those other facilities close down, the undeliverable Postal Bulletins are returned to us here at Headquarters. When we receive those returned Postal Bulletins, we have no way of correcting the problem, because those facilities aren't on our subscription list and because we don't know which is the forwarding facility.

If you are forwarding Postal Bulletins to other facilities, please contact us at the above e-mail address or phone number so we can create a separate subscription for them.

Accessing the Postal Bulletin Online

Remember, each issue of the Postal Bulletin since 1995 is available online. To access the online version of the Postal Bulletin, please follow either of these routes:

On the Intranet: Go to the Postal Service PolicyNet Web site at; click on View Postal Bulletins.

On the Internet: Go to; click on About USPS & News, then Forms and Publications, then Postal Bulletin.

More Information

For more information on the Postal Bulletin, please see our article in Postal Bulletin 22097 (3-6-03, pages 5-6) titled "The Postal Bulletin - Your Source for Trusted Information."

We started publishing this article in early April, asking you to let us know if we can reduce or eliminate your subscriptions. Since April of this year, many of you have responded, and together we have reduced the total number of printed copies by more than 10,000!

We've come a long way, and we'll continue to evolve with the times. Our job is to make your job easier. As you know, the Postal Bulletin is here to serve you, as it has been for almost 125 years.

- Policies and Procedures Information,
Public Affairs and Communications, 10-16-03

Administrative Services


Handbook AS-353, Guide to Privacy and the Freedom of Information Act

Handbook AS-353, Guide to Privacy and the Freedom of Information Act, is now available from the Material Distribution Center (MDC). We announced the handbook in Postal Bulletin 22110 (9-4-03, pages 6-10).

You can order Handbook AS-353 from the MDC as follows:

Touch Tone Order Entry (TTOE): Call 800-332-0317, option 2.

Note: You must be registered to use TTOE. To register, call 800-332-0317, option 1, extension 2925, and follow the prompts to leave a message. (Wait 48 hours after registering before placing your first order).

E-mail: Complete PS Form 7380, MDC Supply Requisition (manually or using FormFlow), and send it as an attachment to the e-mail address MDC, Customer Service or to

Mail: Mail a completed PS Form 7380 to the MDC at the following address:

TOPEKA KS 66624-9702

Use the following information to order Handbook AS-353:

NSN: 7610-07-000-7119
Unit of Measure: EA

Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Bulk Pack Quantity: 50
Price: $0.9334
Edition Date: 09/03

The handbook is also available on the Postal Service PolicyNet Web site; go to; click on More References, then HBKs.

- Privacy Office,
Consumer Advocate, 10-16-03

Directives and Forms Update

Effective immediately, Publication 223, Directives and Forms Catalog (June 1999), is revised. The tables below contain the document ID, edition date, title, PSN (Postal ServiceTM stock number), and the Postal Service and public supply source for all new, revised, and obsolete directives and forms. Use this article to keep Publication 223 current. Information on how to order directives and forms is available in chapter 1 of Publication 223.

IWEB = Intranet =; click on
More References.

WWW = USPS www page =

PE = Postal Explorer =

F3 = F3 Fill Software.

We will incorporate these revisions into the next printed version of Publication 223 and also into the online version of Publication 223, which is available on the Postal Service PolicyNet Web site. Go to; click on More References, then Publications.

New Directives


PSIN Edition Date Title Stock Number Manual Relation Org. USPS Source Public Source
HBK MS-190-VOL-C 6/03 Delivery Bar Code Sorter Phase 5 (DBCS-5), Parts Information 7610-07-000-7127 N/A ENG MDC R
HBK MS-192-VOL-C 6/03 Robotic Containerization System (RCS), Reference Information 7610-07-000-7114 N/A ENG MDC R
HBK MS-192-VOL-D 6/03 Robotic Containerization System (RCS), Parts Information 7610-07-000-7115 N/A ENG MDC R
HBK MS-196-APP-E 6/03 Singulate-Scan-Induction Unit (SSIU), Des Moines Site Specific Data 7610-05-000-5093 N/A ENG MDC R
HBK MS-196-APP-G 6/03 Singulate-Scan-Induction Unit (SSIU), Greensboro Site Specific Data 7610-05-000-5095 N/A ENG MDC R
HBK MS-196-APP-L 5/03 Singulate-Scan-Induction Unit (SSIU), Minneapolis Site Specific Data 7610-05-000-5100 N/A ENG MDC R
HBK MS-196-APP-P 5/03 Singulate-Scan-Induction Unit (SSIU), San Francisco Site Specific Data 7610-05-000-5104 N/A ENG MDC R
HBK MS-196-APP-Q 5/03 Singulate-Scan-Induction Unit (SSIU), Seattle Site Specific Data 7610-05-000-5105 N/A ENG MDC R
HBK MS-203-VOL-D 5/03 Delivery Bar Code Sorter 2,
Input/Output Subsystem (DBCS-2/DIOSS), Parts Information
7610-07-000-7107 N/A ENG MDC R
HBK MS-210-VOL-D 8/03 Delivery Bar Code Sorter 2,
Output Subsystem (DBCS-2/OSS), Parts Information
7610-07-000-7108 N/A ENG MDC R
HBK MS-217 4/03 Universal Co-Processor (UCP) 7610-07-000-7060 N/A ENG MDC R
HBK MS-219-VOL-D 4/03 Delivery Bar Code Sorter 3,
Output Subsystem (DBCS-3/OSS), Parts Information
7610-07-000-7011 N/A ENG MDC R


PSIN Edition Date Title Stock Number Org. USPS Source Public Source
DMM 100-S 8/03 Guia para el consumidor de los servicios postales 7610-07-000-7132 P&C MDC MDC

New Forms

PSIN Edition Date Oldest Usable Date Title Stock Number Where Used Unit of Issue Org. USPS Source Public Source
PS 4205 8/03 8/03 Delivery Type File Order Form N/A CD SHEET P&C IWEB WWW

Revised Directives


PSIN TL Edition Date Title Stock Number Manual Relation Org. USPS Source Public Source
MS-192-VOL-A blank 6/03 Robot Containerization System (RCS), System Information 7610-05-000-4092 N/A ENG MDC R
MS-192-VOL-B blank 6/03 RCS, Parts Information 7610-05-000-4093 N/A ENG MDC R
EL-908 blank 7/03 Agreement Between USPS and APWU Covering Information Systems/Accounting Service Centers 7610-03-000-0354 ELM LR MDC N/A


PSIN TL Edition Date Title Stock Number Manual Relation Org. USPS Source Public Source
PUB 286 blank 7/03 Postal Customer Council Program 7610-02-000-9999 N/A MKT MDC, IWEB P/F
PUB 280 blank 8/03 Identity Theft 7610-05-000-0653 N/A IS MDC, IWEB MDC, WWW

Revised Forms (revised forms appear on the Postal Service web sites before they are stocked at the MDC)

PSIN Edition Date Oldest Usable Date Title Stock Number Where Used Unit of Issue Org. USPS Source Public Source
PS 715 7/03 7/03 Property/Evidence Tag/Label 7530-03-000-8000 IC SET IS MDC N/A
PS 3600-P 8/03 8/03 Postage Statement - First Class Mail - Postage Affixed 7530-03-000-7026 PU SHEET P&C MDC, IWEB MDC, WWW
PS 3600-R 8/03 8/03 Postage Statement - First Class Mail - Permit Imprint 7530-02-000-8049 PU SHEET P&C MDC, IWEB MDC, WWW
PS 3602-N 8/03 8/03 Postage Statement - Nonprofit Standard Mail Letters and
Flats - Permit Imprint
7530-02-000-8047 PU SHEET P&C MDC, IWEB MDC, WWW
PS 3602-P 8/03 8/03 Postage Statement - Standard Mail Letters and Flats - Postage Affixed 7510-05-000-4296 PU SHEET P&C MDC, IWEB MDC, WWW
PS 3602-NP 8/03 8/03 Postage Statement-Nonprofit Standard Mail Letters and Flats - Postage Affixed 7530-05-000-5031 PU SHEET P&C MDC, IWEB MDC, WWW
PS 3602-NPS 8/03 8/03 Postage Statement - Nonprofit Standard Mail With Residual Shape Surcharge - Postage Affixed 7530-05-000-4275 PU SHEET P&C MDC, IWEB WWW
PS 3602-NS 8/03 8/03 Postage Statement - Nonprofit Standard Mail With Residual Shape Surcharge - Permit Imprint 7530-05-000-4274 PU SHEET P&C MDC, IWEB WWW
PS 3602-PS 8/03 8/03 Postage Statement - Standard Mail With Residual Shape Surcharge 7530-05-000-4272 PU SHEET P&C MDC, IWEB WWW
PS 3602-R 8/03 8/03 Postage Statement - Standard Mail Letters and Flats - Permit Imprint 7530-02-000-8053 PU SHEET P&C MDC, IWEB MDC, WWW
PS 3602-RS 8/03 8/03 Postage Statement-Standard Mail With Residual Shape Surcharge 7530-05-000-4271 PU SHEET P&C MED, IWEB WWW
PS 3630-G 9/03 9/03 Penalty Business Reply Monthly Mail Report 7530-02-000-7197 PS SHEET FIN MDC, IWEB N/A
PS 3638-G 9/03 9/03 Penalty Mail Postage Due Monthly Report 7530-04-000-1899 PS SHEET FIN MDC, IWEB N/A
PS 3639-G 9/03 9/03 Penalty Merchandise Return Service Monthly Report 7530-04-000-1900 PS SHEET FIN MDC, IWEB N/A
PS 3666 9/03 9/03 Certification for Postal Service Employment of Individuals With Severe Disabilities 7530-02-000-9025 PS SHEET ERM MDC, IWEB N/A
PS 3811-A 7/03 7/03 Request for Delivery Information/Return Receipt After Mailing 7530-02-000-9054 PS SHEET MKT MDC, IWEB N/A
PS 4243 7/03 7/03 National Five-Digit Zip Code & Post Office Directory Order Form for Mail Order Use 7530-02-000-9209 PU SHEET P&C IWEB WWW
PS 8130 10/03 10/03 Vending Equipment Sales and Service Daily Activity Log 7530-02-000-9839 PS SHEET D&R MDC, IWEB N/A
PS 8175-A 8/03 8/03 Postage Statement- International Direct Entry, Unsorted Conditions N/A PU EACH IB HQO HQO

Obsolete Directives


PSIN Edition Date Title Stock Number Org. USPS Source Public Source
LAB C 5/74 All for Multicode City 7690-01-000-9001 NOM MDC N/A
LAB 14 2/88 Nine-Digit Encoded Mail 7690-01-000-9788 NOM MDC P/F
LAB U 12/96 All Uncoded for ADC Bundles 7690-03-000-9074 NOM MDC P/F
LAB CR 9/92 All for Carrier Route 7690-03-000-9230 NOM MDC P/F

- Policies and Procedures Information,
Public Affairs and Communications, 10-16-03

Customer Relations

Mail Alert

The mailings below will be deposited in the near future. Offices should honor the requested delivery dates. Mailers wishing to participate in these alerts, for mailings of 1 million pieces or more, should contact Business Service Network Integration at 703-292-4041 at least 1 month preceding the requested delivery dates. The Postal ServiceTM also offers electronic Mail Alerts via ADVANCE. For more information, see the ADVANCE Notification & Tracking System Technical Guide on the Internet at or contact the National Customer Support Center at 800-458-3181.

Title of Mailing Class and
Type of Mail
Number of Pieces (Millions) Distribution Presort Level Comments
JCP Men's Outdoor Standard/Catalog 10/17/03-10/20/03 1.4 Nationwide Car-Rt Quebecorworld
Catherine's October Anniversary Sale Standard/Flat 10/17/03-10/23/03 1.4 Nationwide Barcoded, 3/5-Digit, Car-Rt blank
JCP Week 39 Million $ Jewelry Standard/Flat/Letter 10/18/03-10/21/03 7.8 Nationwide Car-Rt Harte-Hanks
JCP Week 39 October Preview Standard/Flat 10/18/03-10/21/03 6.7 Nationwide Car-Rt Harte-Hanks
JCP Fall Shopping Spree Follow-up Standard/Postcard 10/20/03-10/22/03 7.5 Nationwide Car-Rt Harte-Hanks
JCP Week 39 Big and Tall Standard/Flat 10/20/03-10/22/03 1.0 Nationwide Car-Rt Harte-Hanks
JCP Holiday Activation Standard/Catalog 10/24/03-10/29/03 3.0 Nationwide Car-Rt RR Donnelley
JCP Women, Men, & Standard/Catalog 10/24/03-10/29/03 2.0 Nationwide Car-Rt Quebecorworld
JCP Holiday Sale Standard/Catalog 10/25/03-10/30/03 8.0 Nationwide Car-Rt RR Donnelley
The Sportsman's Guide, November Main Standard/Catalog 10/27/03-10/31/03 5.4 Nationwide 3/5-Digit, Car-Rt Quad Graphics, Lomira, WI
JCP BSOTA Standard/Postcard 10/28/03-10/30/03 5.0 Nationwide Car-Rt Harte-Hanks
JCP Week 40 Biggest Sale of Them All Standard/Flat 10/28/03-10/30/03 25.0 Nationwide Car-Rt Harte-Hanks
Swiss Colony Standard/
10/28/03-10/31/03 1.0 Nationwide Barcoded, Basic, 3/5-Digit, Car-Rt Monroe, WI
The Swiss Colony Standard
10/29/03-11/01/03 4.4 Nationwide Barcoded, Basic, 3/5-Digit, Car-Rt Quad Graphics, Lomira, WI
Seventh Avenue Standard/
10/30/03-11/03/03 1.0 Nationwide Barcoded, Basic, 3/5-Digit, Car-Rt Monroe, WI
- Business Service Network Integration,
Service and Market Development, 10-16-03

Domestic Mail


Independent Audit Bureaus - Periodicals Mail

Effective October 1, 2003, the Domestic Mail Manual (DMM) is revised to allow an authorized independent audit bureau to perform, at the publisher's request, any required verification of circulation for "general" or "requester" Periodicals publications. These verifications may include those required as part of an initial application for Periodicals privileges or reentry of an authorized Periodicals publication, or other required verification of circulation for general or requester publications.

We will incorporate these revisions into the printed version of DMM 59 and into the monthly update of the online DMM available via Postal Explorer at

Domestic Mail Manual (DMM)

* * * * *

E Eligibility

* * * * *

E200 Periodicals

E210 Basic Standards

* * * * *

E214 Reentry

* * * * *


* * * * *

[Revise the heading of 2.4 to read as follows:]

2.4 Filings

[Delete the second sentence of the introductory text of 2.4. to read as follows:]

The publisher must make all filings under 2.3 to the original entry postmaster.

* * * * *

E216 Publisher Records


* * * * *

1.3 Retention

[Revise 1.3 to read as follows:]

The publisher must keep records for each issue of a publication for 3 years from its issue date, except for circulation records for general or requester publications for which USPS® verification of circulation is done by a USPS- authorized audit bureau. In this case, the publisher is not required to keep source records of requests and subscriptions longer than required by the audit bureau.


* * * * *

2.2 Authorized Verification

[Revise 2.2 to read as follows:]

USPS employees or an authorized audit bureau may conduct verifications of circulation for an application for Periodicals mailing privileges, reentry application, or other required circulation verification of general or requester publications.

- Mailing Standards,
Pricing and Classification, 10-16-03


Metered Mail - Irregularities

Effective November 13, 2003, Domestic Mail Manual (DMM) P030.11 is revised to restore section 11.5, Irregularities. This section was inadvertently omitted when DMM 57 was published in June 2002.

We will incorporate this revision into the printed version of DMM 59 and into the monthly update of the online DMM available via Postal Explorer at

Domestic Mail Manual (DMM)

* * * * *

P Postage and Payment Methods

* * * * *

P000 Basic Information

* * * * *

P030 Postage Meters (Postage Evidencing Systems)

* * * * *


* * * * *

[Add 11.5 to read as follows:]

11.5 Irregularities

USPS® examines metered mail to detect irregularities in preparation and dating.

* * * * *

- Postage Technology Management,
Product Development, 10-16-03


Parcel Return Services Experiment

The "Parcel Return Services Experiment" article that appeared in Postal Bulletin 22112 (10-2-03, pages 8-16) contained an error in the e-mail address for participation requests. Mailers who wish to participate may e-mail their requests to The corrected text is printed below.

We will include this correction in the printed version of DMM Issue 59 and in the monthly update of the online version available via Postal Explorer at

Domestic Mail Manual (DMM)

* * * * *

G General Information

* * * * *

G900 Experimental Classification and Rate Filings

* * * * *

G990 Experimental Classifications and Rates

* * * * *

G993 Parcel Return Services


* * * * *

1.5 Participation

[Correct the e-mail address in the introductory text of 1.5 to read as follows:]

Companies who wish to participate in this experiment must send a request, on company letterhead, to the manager, Mailing Standards (see G043 for address). Requests also may be sent via e-mail to; or by fax to 703-292-4058. The request must contain the following information:

* * * * *

- Mailing Standards,
Pricing and Classification, 10-16-03


Free Mail Program

Effective September 2, 2003, under Section 3401 (a)(1) of Title 39, United States Code (U.S.C.), and according to Executive Order 12556, dated April 16, 1986, the Secretary of Defense has authorized free mail privileges for members of the U.S. Armed Forces deployed in the following countries, in support of military operations in Liberia:

• Burkina Faso

• Cape Verde

• Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)

• Gambia

• Ghana

• Guinea

• Guinea-Bissau

• Liberia

• Mali

• Senegal

• Sierra Leone

• Togo

The waters of the Atlantic Ocean east of 30 degrees west longitude to 3 degrees east longitude and 25 degrees north latitude to 0 degrees latitude.

This authorization for the above locations expires on February 29, 2004.

In addition, free mail privileges remain in effect for the following military operations/locations:

Operation Enduring Freedom

• Afghanistan

• Bahrain

• Diego Garcia

• Djibouti

• Ethiopia

• Jordan

• Kazakhstan

• Kuwait

• Kyrgyzstan

• Oman

• Pakistan

• Qatar

• Saudi Arabia

• Tajikistan

• United Arab Emirates

• Uzbekistan

• Yemen

• Aboard ships in the Gulf of Aden

• Aboard ships in the Gulf of Oman

• Aboard ships in the North Arabian Sea (that portion of the Arabian Sea that lies north of 10 degrees north latitude and west of 68 degrees east longitude)

• Aboard ships in the Persian Gulf

• Aboard ships in the Red Sea

Operation Freedom Eagle

• All of the islands of the Republic of Philippines south of the island of Luzon within the following described limits: 08-00N/116-30E; 04-45N/119-30E; 05-00N/128-00E; 13-00N/129-00E; 12-30N/116-00E.

Operation Iraqi Freedom

• Iraq

• Bulgaria (mail originating from APO 09312)

• Crete

• Cyprus

• Romania (mail originating from APO 09338)

• Turkey (east of 35 degrees east longitude)

• Aboard ships in the eastern Mediterranean Sea (that portion of the Mediterranean Sea that lies east of 28 degrees east longitude)

Note: Free mail privileges for Operation Iraqi Freedom expire November 10, 2003, for all locations except Iraq.

Operation Joint Forge / Joint Guardian

• Albania

• Hungary

• Former Republic of Yugoslavia

- Bosnia-Herzegovina

- Croatia (including Zagreb)

- Macedonia

- Serbia-Montenegro (including Kosovo and Vojvodina)

- Slovenia

• Aboard ships in the Adriatic Sea

• Aboard ships in the Ionian Sea north of the 39th parallel

In accordance with 39 U.S.C. 3401(a)(1)(B), free mail privileges will also be extended to individuals hospitalized for disease or injury in a facility under the jurisdiction of the Armed Forces as a result of service in these designated areas.

Personnel authorized this privilege may mail, without postage, letters, postcards, and sound recordings (audio or video recordings) having the character of personal correspondence to any place in the United States, its possessions or territories, or to any military post office (APO/FPO).

Free mail originating from the above overseas locations should have a complete APO or FPO return address, the word "Free" in the upper right corner, and a complete delivery address. In most cases, the mailpiece will also exhibit an APO or FPO postmark. Free mail is First-Class Mail® service; however, it may not be registered, insured, or certified.

All employees who handle and deliver mail should be made aware of this free mail privilege. Do not collect postage upon delivery, or return this mail to the sender for postage. Mail having the appearance of free mail under this program should never be returned to sender. Address questions regarding the legitimacy of users of this program to:

ALEXANDRIA VA 22331-0006

Toll free: 800-810-6098
Monday-Friday, 7:30
A.M.-4:30 P.M.
Fax: 703-325-9534
DSN prefix: 221

- International Network Operations,
Network Operations Management, 10-16-03


Barcode Requirements for Machinable Parcel Labels

The transitional period for parcel mailers to comply with the Domestic Mail Manual (DMM) requirements for barcode discounts comes to an end on January 9, 2004. Beginning January 10, 2004, customers who want to qualify for the parcel barcode discount must print labels using the Uniform Code Council/European Article Number (UCC/EAN) Code 128 barcode symbology. The UCC/EAN Code 128 barcode will become the sole parcel barcode format accepted by the Postal ServiceTM. Barcode discounts will be unavailable to mailers who fail to comply.

The parcel discount of $0.03 per piece is available for machinable parcels prepared in eligible mailings. The following requirements apply:

• At least 50 pieces.

• A correct and properly prepared barcode representing the 5-digit ZIP Code or ZIP+4 code of the address on the mailpieces.

• ZIP Code information that is preceded by the application identifier (AI) "420", which signifies a domestic ZIP Code. This AI must not include the trailing verifier character "9" used with other barcode symbologies.

• Human-readable characters representing the numeric equivalent of the ZIP Code information in the barcode (i.e. omitting the 3-digit AI characters) preceded by the word "ZIP" near the barcode.

The UCC/EAN Code 128 barcode symbology continues to be one of the most reliable, compact, and widely accepted one-dimensional barcode symbologies used today.

For more information, please refer to DMM C850, Barcoding Standards for Parcels, at

- Mailing Standards,
Pricing and Classification, 10-16-03