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Drive right. Make safety happen.

  • Adhere to all driving rules.
  • Begin with vehicle safety inspection.
  • Report vehicle defects to supervisor immediately.
  • Make sure loads cannot fall or slide or block vision.
  • Wear seat belt. Keep door closed when driving.
  • Do not finger mail while driving.
  • Never speed.
  • Never run red light.
  • Do full stop at stop signs.
  • Look Left-right-left before entering intersection.
  • Never tailgate.
  • Drive extra carefully in bad weather.
  • Use turn signals.
  • Drive defensively and courteously.
  • Be careful in parking lots.
  • Be alert for children and seniors.
  • Be careful at railroad crossings.
  • Park right.
  • Avoid roll-always and run-aways.

Safety depends on me.