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Keeping Our Focus

Developing People
1. Treat everyone with dignity and respect
2. Value diversity and its benefits
3. Communicate workplace changes openly and honestly
4. Don’t just say it - do it!
5. Maintain values: accountability, integrity
6. More than 700,000 partners

Pursuing Reform
1. Positive, constructive changes:
a. Legislative, regulatory frameworks
b. Postal culture
2. Work with all stakeholders
3. Current statue no longer provides tools to manage organization effectively
4. Not reform for sake of reform
5. Reform that gives us tools to maintain universal service and a healthy USPS
6. Maintain values: accountability, integrity
7. More than 700,000 messengers

Growing Revenue
1. Start with the $68 billion core business
2. Every penny below revenue plan is a penny less to support universal service infrastructure
3. More efficient, timely transportation
4. Develop new products and services
5. Use postal products
6. Electronic initiatives
7. More than 700,000 sales reps

Managing Costs
1. We have to get back every penny we spend from our customers
2. Customers facing same rough economy we are
3. Must show we are doing everything possible to hold down our costs and theirs
4. The small things add up
5. More than 700,000 productive people

Improving Service
1. Heart of our brand
2. It’s our promise
3. Provide best service and value possible
4. find the problems and fix them
5. Generate better information about customers’ mail in our system
6. More than 700,000 service reps