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Help Us Help You Save Time and Money

Stop Redistributing the Postal Bulletin to CPUs, and Decrease Your Subscription Accordingly.

We now have access to the master mailing list for contract postal units (CPUs). We are mailing the Postal Bulletin directly to all CPUs.

What Does This Mean for You?
Less work.
Since we are mailing the Postal Bulletin directly to CPUs, you won’t have to spend your time and energy doing it. We’ll do it for you.
You must do the following if you are redistributing to CPUs:
•Immediately stop redistributing.
•As soon as possible, contact us to decrease your subscription (since you won’t need those extra copies to redistribute anymore).

If you currently have a subscription of 15 copies, and you usually keep 10 for your facility and you redistribute 5 to CPUs, you’ll need to stop redistributing the 5 copies and let us know as soon as possible that we should decrease your subscription from 15 to 10.

How Do You Decrease Your Subscription?

We have the list of CPUs and their mailing lists, but we don’t know how many you are forwarding to your CPUs. So we need your help. If you’re redistributing to CPUs, contact us to decrease your subscriptions, by sending us an e-mail or by calling us:
• Send an internal e-mail to Postal Bulletin.
• Call us at 703-292-3655.

— Policies and Procedures Information,
Public Affairs and Communications, 6-24-04