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July 16, 2004



SUBJECT: Postal Identification

It is absolutely critical1hat all employees protect the security of our facilities. We must maintain a focus on critical security measures that protect postal employees and assets, and we must be held accountable for compliance with those measures.

To ensure only authorized personnel are permitted to enter into postal premises, it is necessary to reiterate the policy prescribed in the Administrative Service Manual (ASM) dealing with Postal identification.

In ASM 277. it states that Postal identification is issued for security control of access to postal premises and operations and to identify individuals as Postal Service employees. Every postal employee, postal contractor and temporary employee, including casual employees, must have photo identification. All personnel assigned postal identification must wear it during official duty hours.

Also, as stated in ASM 277.6. all Postal Service identification is accountable property and must be surrendered when leaving the Postal Service or when a contract is terminated. Employees or contractors who are issued identification are responsible for returning such at the time of separation or transfer.

Management is responsible for compliance with the stated policy and should have a procedure in place to properly handle all Postal Service identification. Efforts should be made to obtain the identification from those employees who have given notice for their termination of employment both voluntary and involuntary. You will need to notify Inspection Service immediately if your attempts to collect identification were unsuccessful.

Your effort to ensure we comply with the Postal identification requirements is necessary and appreciated.

Patrick R. Donahoe
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