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July 16, 2004




SUBJECT: Vehicle Security

For the past several years there have been numerous efforts to heighten awareness of the importance of vehicle security and the requirement to keep vehicles locked. A variety of communications have been issued to the field on this issue including memos, a Postal Bulletin article, a vehicle security video, and posters with reminder decals to be used on the vehicles. Yet violations of vehicle security procedures continue to be an area of concern in the Observations of Mail Conditions (OMC) conducted by the Inspection Service.

During the spring follow-up OMCs conducted during the weeks of April 26 and May 17, there were 61 instances involving vehicle security. This is not the positive trend that was expected from the efforts we have put into this. The majority of these instances are unlocked and unattended vehicles. The remedy to this is simple: lock a vehicle when it is not in direct, full sight. This requires no money, no program, no task force, just awareness by every employee that this is a mandatory procedure.

I would like to reiterate the following the simple steps listed below,

  • Lock a vehicle when it is not in direct, full sight
  • Ensure that inoperable or malfunctioning vehicle locks are reported and repaired promptly
  • Verify that all carriers have postal identification and a valid driver's license
  • Take a physical inventory of vehicles and government license plates each week (unless a daily requirement has been issued in response to an elevated security alert)
  • During pre-trip vehicle inspections, note the presence and security of government license plates

I am asking for your commitment to use the tools we have distributed to ensure that every employee is aware of these procedures.

Patrick R. Donahoe
475 L’Enfant Plaza SW
Washington, DC 20260-0080