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Return Receipt Electronic Option Available

Equivalent to Return Receipt (Green Card)

- Provides signed evidence of delivery
- May be used with Certificate Mail, Registered Mail, Insured Mail valued over $50, Collect on Delivery (COD)
- Return Receipt as email attachment
- Less expensive than green card - only $1.30
- Easily retained by customer for indefinite period

Here's how the Return Receipt (Electronic) works:

1. Customer buys Return Receipt (Electronic) at time of mailing
2. Customer visits to enter email address

- Select Track & Confirm
- Enters label number from receipt (see right)
- Selects "Request Return Receipt (Electronic)"
- Enters name and email address

3. Recipient's signature is obtained at deliver
4. Signature is copied from PS Form 3849 and placed in letter
5. Customer receives email with letter attached

Limitations Apply - Not available to APO/FPO addresses or U.S. territories, possession, and freely associated states. Bulk version available for large volume mailers - For more information, see Publication 80, Bulk Proof of Delivery Program.

September 2004