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Passport Application Revisions

All retail personnel must note the following important changes ?from the Department of State regarding issuances of passports.

Proposed Increase to File Search Fee Is Delayed

The Department of State has delayed a proposed increase to the file search fee (to verify an applicant's U.S. citizenship) that had been scheduled to take effect October 1, 2004. Retail personnel must disregard any previous announcements that the file search fee has been increased effective that date. Until further notice, the file search fee remains $45. This fee is noted on Form DS-11, Application for a U.S. Passport or Registration.

Issuance of a Passport to a Minor Will Require Notarization

Effective November 1, 2004
Effective November 1, 2004, the Department of State will require that Form DS-3053, Statement of Consent: Issuance of a Passport to a Minor Under Age 14 (or other paper with the same information that an applicant submits) must be notarized. The purpose of this change is to prevent forgery and ensure that the person signing the statement has been properly identified. This change will further reduce the possibility of a U.S. passport being used in any effort to interfere with the custodial rights of non-applying parents (i.e., the parent or guardian who is not present at the time the applying parent or guardian submits the child's application).

Note: The notarization requirement for Form DS-3053 will become effective before the Department of State will distribute copies of the revised Form DS-3053, which it expects to do as soon as possible after January 1, 2005. In the meantime, to get an up-to-date Form DS-3053 starting on November 1, 2004, customers may go online to the U.S. Department of State Web site at; click on Passports, and under "Applications and Forms," click on the desired form. Passport acceptance personnel should have this information available for verification (with customers) until the Department of State reprints the official form.

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Service and Market Development, 10-14-04

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