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A matter of diplomacy: Nine Customer Service ambassadors named

Customer service is a big part of what USPS® does. With nine new Customer Service ambassadors named, USPS will be able to message even more effectively the many products and services USPS employees provide.

Who are they?

Capital Metro Area has reeled in Fishing Creek, MD, Postmaster Jeanne Phillips to serve as its ambassador. Representing Eastern Area is Wayne, PA, Officer-in- Charge Margie Washington. Sailing out of Great Lakes Area is Chicago's Rogers Park Station Customer Service Manager Elizabeth Owens.

Hailing from Beachwood, NJ, Postmaster Fulin Ritt is doing New York Metro proud. Branching out of Forrest City, AR, Postmaster Normal Gilchrest will speak for Southwest Area. The Western Area will be turning to Tulare, SD, Postmaster Deborah Kopplin to help educate customers.

Lakewood, CA, Postmaster Robert Mcguire has been chosen to represent the Pacific Area. Southeast Area is being championed by Arcadia, FL, Postmaster Raymond Bernicchi. In the meantime, Greenwich, CT, Customer Service Manager Doreen Reichard will be keeping Northeast Area customers updated on products and services.

Here they are . . . your new Customer Service Ambassadors!

Records to build on: End of year NPA results show big successes, bright future

Delivering ResultsClosing out 2004, we all can reflect on a year of tremendous, record-breaking performances.

2004 National Performance Assessment (NPA) results recently published in WebEIS - show significant advancements in transformation strategies.

"We have made great strides in achieving our goals in improving service, managing costs, and growing revenue," said COO Pat Donahoe - all accomplished during a time when we have had continued improvement in safety, labor management relations and overall employee satisfaction.

Priority Mail® - Air, First-Class Mail® Overnight, First- Class Mail 3-Day and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Injury and Illness rates all achieved High Contributor rank at the national level.

Year-end results in Express Mail® service improved to the highest threshold of all service indicators - and National Total Factor Productivity (TFP) ended the year at an astounding cell 15 level.

Looking ahead to fiscal year 2005, revenue will continue to be a focus. While we ended the year on target, there's more work to do. Revenue is an area that needs a push from all of us.

All current corporate NPA indicators and most unit indicators remain for next year, with modified targets and thresholds to drive even greater performance, according to Donahoe. "Continued focus on service, people, costs and revenue will enable this organization to meet and exceed our customer needs into 2005 and beyond," he says.

By the end of November more information on indicators will be available on the WebEIS Web site. Go to, and click on the links under "Performance Assessment."

Blue lite special: At . On the road. Fishing for trout in Montana

Have a computer at ? Have Internet access? Then you've got LiteBlue. It's the Postal ServiceTM Intranet you can connect with anytime, anywhere.

As its name implies, LiteBlue is a lighter version of the Postal Service Intranet that you access at work. But don't think that "lite" means empty calories.

LiteBlue lets you connect with two areas of the bigger Blue — "My " and "My Life" — plus, coming soon, PostalEASE, under "My Life."

LiteBlue lets you read USPS News Link and other organization-wide communications. Check out employee deals. Peruse internal job openings. Look at benefits and money management tools and a list of USPS healthcare providers and plans.

How can you access LiteBlue? Simply type into your address bar Then enter your employee ID number and your USPS PIN. If you've got a computer and Internet, log on whenever you like. Use your USPS- assigned laptop. Or go to the nearest library or Internet cafe.

It's here: Your anytime, anywhere connection. Compliments of your intranet and extranet sponsors, Information Technology, Human Resources and Public Affairs and Communications.

Survey savvy: Your opinion counts in VOE survey

If you received a Voice of the Employee (VOE) survey this quarter and have filled it out and returned it — thanks!

If you received this quarter's survey and haven't finished it yet, please take time — on the clock — to complete and return it in the postage-paid envelope by November 29.

One-fourth of USPS career employees have the opportunity to take the survey each quarter. It's your chance to let your opinion be known — confidentially, of course — and make a difference in how the Postal Service does business.

VOE survey responses help identify what can be improved in the workplace — and what USPS does well — to ensure continued success.

Questions about the VOE process? Check the Web site at

See more money in your pocket: Flexible spending accounts push forward vision

Braces. Vision exams, contact lenses or eyeglasses. Laser vision surgery. Medical and dental deductibles and co-pays. Prescription and over-the-counter drugs. Nursery schools. Day care. Summer day camp. Day care for a dependent parent.

Any of this in your future?

Postcards mailed to all USPS employees encourage smart shoppers to set aside dollars in flexible spending accounts. They're tax-free!

Employees who have questions can call 800-842-2026 for more details on how they can save. Then use PostalEASE to enroll now, during open season.

Better hurry though — open season ends at 5 P.M. Central Time, Dec. 31. Enroll now!

Make it an even 10: Sure Money/Dinero Seguro expands to nine more countries

The Sure Money/Dinero Seguro® program has expanded to nine Latin American and Caribbean countries — in addition to continued service to Mexico. Customers now can wire money to Argentina, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua and Peru.

Sure Money/Dinero Seguro offers customers an economical, secure and convenient way to wire transfer money to other countries. The expansion gives the Postal Service an important opportunity to serve more customers and generate new revenue.

For now, the service will continue to be available at approximately 2,800 retail units nationwide currently selling Sure Money. Monitoring sales and customer demographics will identify opportunities for adjusting the Sure Money retail network.

Customer Relations

Mail Alert

The mailings below will be deposited in the near future. Offices should honor the requested delivery dates. Mailers wishing to participate in these alerts, for mailings of 1 million pieces or more, should contact Business Service Network Integration at 202-268-2225 at least 1 month preceding the requested delivery dates. The Postal ServiceTM also offers electronic Mail Alerts via ADVANCE. For more information, see the ADVANCE Notification & Tracking System Technical Guide on the Internet at or contact the National Customer Support Center at 800-458-3181.

Title of Mailing Class and Type of Mail Requested Delivery
Number of Pieces (Millions) Distribution Presort Level Comments
JCP Week 44 Holiday Gift Guide Standard/
11/26/04-11/29/04 13.0 National Car-Rt Harte-Hanks
JCP Week 44 Huge Sale Preview Standard/
11/29/04-12/1/04 13.2 National Car-Rt Harte-Hanks
REI 2004 December Holiday Flyer (24 pages) Standard/
11/29/04-12/2/04 3.0 National 3/5-Digit, Car-Rt Quad Graphics, Sussex, WI
The Sportsman's Guide November Main & The Golf Warehouse Standard/
11/29/04-12/3/04 2.4 National 3/5-Digit, Car-Rt RR Donnelley, Lynchburg, VA
JCP Week 45 Friends & Family Privilege Standard/
12/1/04-12/3/04 6.2 National Car-Rt Harte-Hanks
JCP Week 45 Watches Standard/
12/2/04-12/4/04 4.0 National Car-Rt Harte-Hanks
JCP Santa Catalog Standard/
12/3/04-12/6/04 10.0 National Car-Rt Harte-Hanks
JCP Week 45 Biggest Super Saturday Standard/
12/6/04-12/8/04 20.3 National Car-Rt Harte-Hanks
JCP Week 45 Holiday Jewelry Standard/
Flat and Letter
12/9/04-12/11/04 6.5 National Car-Rt Harte-Hanks
- Business Service Network Integration, Service and Market Development, 11-25-04