Postal Bulletin 22143, December 9, 2004. Protect Your Future - Bank Your Sick Leave, see page 13. Stuff. Stamp. Ship. Priority Mail Flat-Rate Boxes. Two convenient shapes. One great price.


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Administrative Services

Directives and Forms Update

Revised Handbook: Handbook AS-805-D, Information Security Network Connectivity Process

Revised Form: PS Form 2013, Security Clearance Processing Request

Customer Relations

Mail Alert

Discontinued Publication: Publication 65, National Five-Digit ZIP Code and Post Office Directory


Safety Alert: Snow Blower Safety

Protect Your Future — Bank Your Sick Leave

Sick Leave Poster


Handbook DM-103 Revision: U.S. Postal Service Internal Mail

Handbook Revision: Handbook F-15, Travel and

Notice: Contract Postal Unit Anti-Money Laundering/Anti-Terrorist Compliance Training

Notice: Household Diary Study

Annual Vending Machine Income Report Due Soon

International Mail

IMM Revision: Changes to Global Express Mail Shipments to Canada

Pull-Out Section

Fraud Alert

Withholding of Mail Orders

Invalid Express Mail Corporate Account Numbers

Missing, Lost, or Stolen US Money Order Forms

Missing, Lost, or Stolen Canadian Money Order Forms

Counterfeit Canadian Money Order Forms

Toll-Free Number Available to Verify Canadian Money Orders


Other Information

Overseas Military Mail

New Year's Day Poster

Missing Children Poster

International Mail (Continued)

ICM Updates: International Customized Mail




Stamp Announcement 05-01: Lunar New Year Souvenir Sheet

Notice: Heroes of 2001 Semipostal Stamps Withdrawn From Sale, Statutory Authority Will Expire December 31, 2004

Pictorial Cancellations Announcement

Special Cancellation Die Hubs

Post Offices

Post Office Changes

Mover's Guide News: January 2005 Mover's Guide Now Available


Handbook Revision: Handbook DM-901, Registered Mail

Notice: Stamps by Mail Brochure Ordering Information and Print Schedule for 2005

What's In Store

Postal Bulletin Index

Semiannual Index    PB22132 (7-8-04)

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PB 22143: 7690-07-000-0127

PB 22142: 7690-07-000-0126

PB 22141: 7690-07-000-0125

PB 22140: 7690-07-000-0124

PB 22139: 7690-07-000-0123

PB 22138: 7690-07-000-0122

PB 22137: 7690-07-000-0121

PB 22136: 7690-07-000-0120

PB 22135: 7690-07-000-0119

PB 22134: 7690-07-000-0118

PB 22133: 7690-07-000-0117

PB 22132: 7690-07-000-0116

PB 22131: 7690-07-000-0115

PB 22130: 7690-07-000-0114

PB 22129: 7690-07-000-0113

PB 22128: 7690-07-000-0112

PB 22127: 7690-07-000-0111

PB 22126: 7690-07-000-0110

PB 22125: 7690-07-000-0109

PB 22124: 7690-07-000-0108

PB 22123: 7690-07-000-0107

PB 22122: 7690-05-000-5991

PB 22121: 7690-05-000-5990

PB 22120: 7690-05-000-5989

PB 22119: 7690-05-000-5988

PB 22118: 7690-05-000-5987

PB 22117: 7690-05-000-5986

PB 22116: 7690-05-000-5985

PB 22115: 7690-05-000-5984