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New Postal Service Form for Recurring Appointments Requests

Effective immediately, mailers of plant-verified drop shipments must use PS Form 6241, Recurring Appointment Request Form (see page 9), to request recurring appointments for delivery of mail to Postal ServiceTM facilities.

Recurring appointments are defined as appointments that arrive consistently on the same day or days of the week, during the same time period, with approximately the same mail contents, and use the same size and form of transportation.

The use of PS Form 6241 supercedes the instructions provided in Publication 804, Drop Shipment Procedures for Destination Entry, which require that the mailer submit a letter of request every 6 months.

Now, once a mailer submits a PS Form 6241 to the plant manager (where the mailing will be entered and approved and where appointment time(s) are assigned), the mailer is not required to submit a request to the entry Postal Service facility except for instances when the mailing content changes.

If the mailing consists of more than one type of shape or class, then the mailer must complete, in multiple sets, lines 1 through 6 of Section C of PS Form 6241 in order to fully describe the mailing contents.

PS Form 6241 is available online at: http://blue.usps. gov/formmgmt/forms.htm.

Mailers who currently have recurring appointments will be asked to complete PS Form 6241 when the new Facility Access and Shipment Tracking (FAST) is deployed in summer 2005. Mailers must use PS Form 6241 for new requests.

- Logistics Systems,
Operations, 3-31-05

PS Form 6241
PS Form 6241